Date: 2017-04-04 02:49 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] shati
Okay I'm not sure which part so I'm just going to explain everything:

  • You know those magic stores in books where you buy something that turns out to be a dragon egg, so you go back, but then the store is gone? This is the magic 2 am Youtube store, but it's still there when you go back, except when it gets taken down for copyright violation. I think there's also a re-release with a rainbow gradient and better masking instead of subtitles, but it might be down right now. There are also lots of others, this is just the first Ariel/Jasmine vid I saw in my entire existence and, like custody of a baby dragon, it changed me.

  • I don't remember the goat being an asshole but I think he had, like, reasonable opinions sometimes curtly expressed, and I think at least one of the other characters thought he was kind of judgy? This all sounds fake, I'm no longer at all sure there even was a goat in the movie. But if there was, I didn't mean to slander him, it's just that he could be cut and pasted into that vid...

  • I don't know, I went straight from "lesbian princesses with goat" to this.
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