Jan. 1st, 2017

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Yuletide reveals! I had two fics in the archive this year:

Statistical Methods in Risk Assessment, The Bletchley Circle

This was my assigned fic -- the excellent prompt was to write a fic focused on Jean, the oldest of the Bletchley Circle women, femslash optional but encouraged -- and I fell neck-deep into the research hole on it. I have a post coming about the several WWII-era history books that I read over the past few months while figuring what I actually wanted to write about, but most of what actually went into the story ended up coming out of what I learned about the Special Operations Executive branch, the only arm of the British government that sent women behind the lines as spies. And IT'S ALL FASCINATING, so thank you for such an amazing prompt, [personal profile] xylaria! (Also, it finally gave me the push to actually watch season 2 of The Bletchley Circle, which I'd been meaning to do for literally years.)

Or, What You Will, Singin' in the Rain

I would very much have liked to fall neck-deep down the research hole on this one also -- [personal profile] emma_in_dream's excellent request was for Singin' in the Rain fic that incorporated historical of Golden Age Hollywood -- except I grabbed it as a pinch-hit on December 18th and I did not have time! So I did what I could with background knowledge, Wikipedia, and enthusiasm, plus a recent hallucinogenic Busby Berkeley musical experience. Don't ask me where the fake Twelfth Night movie musical part came from because I really do not know; it just sort of arrived fully-formed and would not leave.

Thank you to [personal profile] genarti, [personal profile] saramily, [profile] gramary1971, and [personal profile] innerbrat for amazing beta work, and to [personal profile] genarti especially for pointing out how to use Malvolio to foreshadow the oncoming banhammer of the Motion Picture Production Code.

(Also, thank you again for my amazing Healer fic, [personal profile] china_shop!)


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