May. 30th, 2017

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This weekend [personal profile] genarti, [profile] wickedtrue and I went to go see Arrabal at the A.R.T. -- a theater piece in my favorite genre, dance dance revolution.

I haven't seen very much dance theater that isn't just straight-up ballet. Arrabal uses the language of tango rather than classical ballet, but it still feels quite a lot like a ballet -- there's very minimal dialogue (two brief scene-setting news-clips, two significant letters read aloud, and a brief callout song in which the psychopomp/magician makes fun of the love interest for his machismo comprise the whole of it) with everything else conveyed through motion and mime.

The music is gorgeous, the dancing likewise. The plot is relatively simple, and not actually as depressing as I thought it would be. Arrabal is the infant daughter of an Argentinian protester. Eighteen years later, she's haunted by his absence; his surviving friends, meanwhile, decide it's time for them to meet her and tell her his story.

....his surviving friends run a dance club, so along the way Arrabal gets a cute new dress and a pair kicky high heels, learns how to tango, falls for the leader of the pack, makes out with the leader of the pack's girlfriend, and briefly visits an orgy before deciding that it's maybe not for her, thanks. None of us were entirely sure what was actually going on with the orgy, plot-wise. This is the downside of ballet theater with minimal dialogue. But it's all very pretty and beautifully danced!

And then we cut back to Arrabal's grandmother and her friends marching for their disappeared children and suddenly we're all crying, so, you know. The important parts come through.


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