Date: 2017-04-16 12:55 pm (UTC)
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Hmm. I would say that it was a reasonable decision and almost certainly the best alternative at the time, but also deeply rooted in the unhealthy habits that may have caused the crisis to begin with.

And you may! Basically: the sheriff's family lives in an apartment in the jail and comes in for loud and vocal critique every time the sheriff does something his constituents don't like. The sheriff does not seem to have understanding or sympathy for the fact that this might make for a difficult life for anyone who does not have a deep passion for the work of law enforcement and prison reform. In the second book, when things get particularly bad and it looks like the sheriff might lose his job, the sheriff's wife takes the kids and leaves for a bit. The sheriff is like "there's really nothing to be done about this, after a day or two at home she'll realize it's her duty to come back;" Constance is like "super not my business but she might? want to be asked anyway??? and have a little appreciation shown for the fact that she's clearly miserable? UM."
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