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I enjoyed it a lot! I wish we had not been 10 minutes late and thus missed a chunk of Baby Diana On Themyscira. The dialogue & delivery were very funny and our audience was very willing to be entertained and as a result I did not hear a solid third of the lines because everyone was laughing too hard, which is not a bad thing.

A short list of things I found distracting, but hilarious:
- Wonder Woman's version of 'undercover operations.' Put on an enemy uniform, grab some Important Enemy Documents, and then RUN AWAY RUN AWAY RUN AWAAAAAY until you can march into the middle of Parliament and throw them at a politician's feet! It's adorable.
- the film's dedicated commitment to making it as hard as possible to tell the difference between Chris Evans|Steve Rogers and Chris Pine|Steve Trevor. I almost had to look that up to correctly match the Chrises and the Steves. I have had "Different Chris" stuck in my head all night. I cannot believe they literally had him go down in a plane carrying a superweapon. I mean, I can believe it, I'm just still laughing about it. ([personal profile] genarti: "Some say that Steve will end in fire, some say in ice.")
- THE TINY TOOTHBRUSH MOUSTACHE OF THE GREAT GOD ARES. Do you think that David Thewliss just flat-out refused to shave it? I think maybe he did. I think I would, if I were David Thewliss, because it would bring me great personal joy to know that the great god Ares would forever be immortalized with a tiny toothbrush moustache.

Diana goddessing her way through WWI battlefields was pretty amazing. I kept bracing myself for her to stumble or fail and have to be pulled up or rescued or overshadowed by Steve, and bless the film, she never was. Still, I wish she had talked to more women once she left Themyscira.

Overheard on the T on the way back: "I know you have all the Chris Pine feelings and you need to process those feelings but I need to process OTHER feelings right now."
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