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I wrote two Utena fics for Parallels this year. The reason for this is that the inevitable finally happened and I was assigned to write for [personal profile] genarti (aka my usual first reader on anything I write, also my girlfriend).

'OK,' I thought, 'I will be EXTREMELY CUNNING and write a decoy fic for somebody else, ask her to beta that so she doesn't get suspicious, and meanwhile write another secret fic for her!'

Then of course the decoy fic that I made her read for me ended up being twice as long (also twice as incomprehensible) as the secret one, so in fact I ended up giving her more work than actual gift. I'm sorry, Gen! I'm not a very good secret writer girlfriend. But I did save you as a secret fic the one that was actually written with your fictional tastes in mind.

The Monster At the End Of This Fairy Tale

Utena gets dressed as quietly as she can, pulls on her borrowed running shoes, and jogs to practice. The usual route to the school track seems more complicated this morning. The campus has developed dozens of half-built walls and proto-buildings, blockaded off with red tape and signs warning 'SIDEWALK CLOSED' and 'ALTERNATE ROUTE.'

This was the decoy fic that ballooned -- an attempt at tackling the Utena postcanon fic in a variation on Ikuhara-esque surrealism, success levels questionable.

Let's Hurry Up, Spiritual Perfection

“If you say 'believe in miracles,'” Juri said, sharply, “I swear I'll --” She stopped herself, with an effort. She wasn't going to slap anyone, especially not Shiori. It was easy to lash out, but it wasn't worth the cost. Ruka had taught her that too. Leading by the opposite of example. “Shiori,” she said, instead. “Did you ever think that a person could believe in miracles, and still not want one?”

And this was the fic I actually intended to write for Gen! Much less surreal, mostly Juri character study, set sometime in between the Ruka duels and the end of the show.

Meanwhile, I received this AMAZING Capital Scandal artwork:


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Parallels! I received Assessment, a super charming Gokusen fic about Yankumi and DELINQUENT GIRL GANGS, which has been the wish of my heart since my Gokusen reread earlier this year.

It was not a good day to try to go straight, Kasanoda Ayaka thought as she leaned over her fallen friend Kibayashi Kaori.

And I wrote Alterations, which is ... another Capital Scandal fic. YOU'RE ALL SHOCKED. It's about Yeong Ran and Choi Hak Hee postcanon, and if you don't know who Choi Hak Hee is, that's OK, because I totally didn't know her name until I desperately went searching for "Na Yeo Kyung's mother" on dramawiki sites.
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In other news, [personal profile] jinian asked me to write about five cartoon or other fictional characters I've had crushes on for the 25th, and what I think happened to them after canon!

1. Okay, I have to start this one out with Disney's Aladdin, who as far as I can remember was my very first fictional crush at the tender age of six or seven. Look, he's a WISECRACKING PLUCKY THIEF with a HEART OF GOLD and a PET MONKEY who spends much of the movie running around without a shirt. What seven-year-old didn't have a crush on Aladdin? I ask you.

I never watched the Aladdin TV show or sequel films, but I assume postcanon he continued to act as Jasmine's trophy husband, to have nothing to do with politics, and not to wear a shirt.

2. Okay, say what you will about Legend of Korra -- and I have fairly conflicted feelings about Legend of Korra that I really don't feel like going into at this time -- but I think we can all agree that Lin Bei Fong metalbending on her armor in that one episode was basically the hottest thing . . . ever to happen . . . on a children's television show . . . uh. And now I feel awkward.

I have no postcanon opinions about Lin Bei Fong though because her canon hasn't ended yet!

3. Speaking of, I feel really skeevy saying this, because wow, AGE INAPPROPRIATE, the child is SIXTEEN, but . . . uh, okay, let's say age Sokka from A:tLA up ten or fifteen years? But what a perfect cartoon boyfriend. Animated ideal. He even writes haiku!

Postcanon (or in between the two canons, I guess) I believe Sokka maintained a true Renaissance career as a scholar, inventor, politician, and publisher of bestselling and rather terrible memoirs full of bad jokes.

4. You know what, though, I don't know why I should be embarrassed to talk about Sokka when I have already publicly admitted to a crush on an fictional anthropomorphic rat. Wow, Rakushun. What a dreamboat. Rational intelligence is the most attractive thing of all!

I have already written a couple of fics about what I think is going to happen to Rakushun after the canon we have -- which is one reason I have less of a fictional crush on him than I used to, actually; usually the more I write from inside a character's head the harder it is to conceive of them as a crush, per se -- but to sum up, I think he's going to graduate with honors, become a public official, move to Kei, and spend the next several hundred years acting as Yoko's unofficial Queen Consort.

5. All right, guys, I have valiantly tried to keep this to characters who could conceivably count as cartoons for most of these (Rakushun had an anime!), but you knew where this was inevitably heading:


After canon, I firmly believe Cha Song Joo came into possession of a magical time-traveling device and went around coordinating revolutions all over the space-time continuum LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOOOOOOOU
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So the other day [personal profile] littledust and I had a long and ridiculous conversation about doofball revolutionaries which I am here preserving for posterity. (These chatlogs are of interest to like two people. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I HOPE YOU ENJOY.)

Capital Scandal bakery AU in which NOBODY DIES! )

Capital Scandal/Les Mis crossover! Involving time travel of some sort, I guess. WHO KNOWS. WHO CARES. )
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. . . uh, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! Have fun with your holiday, I'm going to be over here with my giant pile of glorious Yuletide to wade through. *____*

I got two stories this year and they are both PERFECTION.

The Marriage Masquerade, The Talisman Ring

Ludovic waved a hand. “I want nothing—the reek from that devilish carpet is sobering enough.”

Sir Tristram exerted a super-human effort, and refrained from pointing out that this ruinously expensive carpet had been an excellent example of its kind before he and his Bedlamite wife had entered the room uninvited.

Ludovic and Eugenie are having some marital problems, so obviously it's up to Tristram and Sarah to sort them out, as usual. This fic is hilarious and perfectly in-character all around, but the greatest thing about it is that it is Talisman Ring fic WITH CROSSDRESSING, like, man, guys, somebody clearly knows exactly what I want in my fiction. WELL DONE, MYSTERY AUTHOR.

Civilized Indecency, Fly By Night

“We must do something about these disruptive tendencies of yours, Mosca. Oh, yes, they’re endearing on a certain level, but that hardly balances the inconvenience, not to mention mortal peril, your revolutionary little heart brings upon us with stunning regularity. Can we, just this once, drop it?”

Mosca encounters a corrupt legal system, proceeds to drag Clent into attempting to turn it on its head, as is her wont, and finds out things are immensely more complicated and troubling than she thought - so basically this fic like someone wrote me a new Mosca Mye novel in two thousand words AND IS PERFECTION, everyone go read it immediately! Oh Mosca, my very favorite angry little girl.

There might be actual recs later as I dive into the rest of the archive, but for right now I just have to do a special shout-out to the greatest mystery (for me) of Yuletide so far: Step by step on the flowers placed before you, a Capital Scandal/Sungkyunkwan Scandal CROSSOVER FIC about YONG HA AND CHA SONG JOO HANGING OUT oh my god beautiful brilliance (beautiful heartbreaking brilliance)

This was a gift for [personal profile] shati, who for the record I sat down and forced to watch both Capital Scandal and Sungkyunkwan Scandal this summer. So when she saw the tags we had this conversation:

BECCA: No! It wasn't me! Was it you?
SHATI: It's a gift for me, so I'm pretty sure no! Are you sure it wasn't you?
BECCA: Not unless I wrote it in my sleep!
SHATI: . . .
BECCA: . . . Debi . . .?

But it doesn't read particularly like [personal profile] innerbrat, or [personal profile] viviolo or [personal profile] dharmavati either, who would be my first range of usual suspects. If I'm wrong: CONGRATS GUYS, you totally fooled me, and also, YOU'RE AMAZING. If it's someone else I know: DITTO. If it's a stranger: HI, YOU'RE A GENIUS, LET'S BE FRIENDS.
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So I've been rewatching Capital Scandal with [personal profile] shati (who has never seen it before) and the other day, after a lot of lulzy discussion on the way home, I woke up and went in to work with the opening of a fic in my head.

So I typed it up hastily and emailed it to her . . . and she emailed me back saying "I WAS WRITING THIS SAME FIC ON THE WAY TO WORK IN MY HEAD."

All of which is to say: a.) apparently [personal profile] shati and I have gone back to being interchangeable again and b.) her way funnier version of this fic will be coming along soon, I have read the beginning and then laughed out loud for five minutes straight. BUT WHILE YOU ARE WAITING PLEASE ENJOY THIS ONE.

Title: The Last Hero of the Revolution
Characters: Lee Su Hyun/Cha Song Joo, Geun Duk
Word Count: 1,417
Summary: Geun Duk disapproves of so many of his comrades' life choices.
Notes: Implied sexual content, spoilers up to episode 15 (but not THAT spoiler.)

Geun Duk had joined up with Ae Mool Dan for the assassinations. If anybody had thought to warn him about all the matchmaking, he sometimes thought he would have stayed in Russia. )
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Last time, the polls went to Sachiko, who finally pulled out a win with her fabulous array of feathers, sparkles and polka dots:

As you may or may not know, this takes us to THE FINAL EPISODE. And we have some tough decisions before us! And not only costume-related decisions. As you may have noticed, I have been enjoying myself a little too much with this costume polling. And now that we're out of Capital Scandal, I have been deciding whether or not I want to maybe continue this polls with another show? Would you guys have fun with that? PLEASE REGISTER YOUR OPINIONS.

First, though, let's get back to sending off Capital Scandal with a bang! (Or . . . several bangs, if we're being literal. Looots of guns in this episode. Great accessories for suits.)

Top five episode sixteen costumes under the cut! )

To vote on this and on POTENTIAL FUTURE FASHION POLLS, please go to the the LJ crosspost!
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Okay, I am going to do my best to remain straightfaced and unspoilery for the rest of the costume poll, but let me just say upfront and get it out of the way: THIS EPISODE WAS REALLY HARD TO DO.

But first let's go back to the joy of last week's victor:

This is going to be one of my benchmarks for cunning disguises going forward. The dapper fake moustache! The glass-less glasses! Never change, Woo Wan. Never change.

Top five episode 15 costumes under the cut! )

To pick your favorite, go vote over at the LJ crosspost!
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I was waffling about how to deal with the polls thing over here, and then I realized that I don't yet have a paid dreamwidth account and so I can't create a poll on DW anyway. So, all voting happens on LJ, PROBLEM SOLVED.

Anyway, last episode Se Gi revealed that his relatively drab showing over the past few episodes was all saving up for . . . THE NEON FLORAL HAT.

Which quite rightly swept the polls, defeating even Woo Wan's array of dazzlingly eye-burning suits. I'm not sure anything in this episode can quite live up to that magnificence, but then, what could.

Top five episode 13 costumes under the cut! )

To vote on the ULTIMATE MOST FABULOUS costume of episode 13, head over to the LJ version of this post, linked below!
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It's been a while since we had one of these, but don't worry: the show has been saving up some awesome in anticipation. >:D

Last time, Cha Song Joo cleaned up for the third time in a row with this amazingly dramatic ensemble:

Blindfolds and visual analogies are in for the well-dressed revolutionary this year!

HOWEVER, this week the dudes are making a comeback with a vengeance.

Top five episode twelve costumes under the cut! )

[Poll #1722412]
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Aside from OTPs, [ profile] lacewood also asked me for my Top 5 Platonic BFF Pairings, which is an awesome question but tricky because I am going to try not to overlap with any of the BFF pairings I talked about when I did my top five BFF moments. To make narrowing it down easier, I am also very strictly ruling out anyone I think might be even a little bit not entirely platonic. (SORRY KYOKO AND KANAE, but that nosebleed disqualifies you from the running.)

For over-long babbling about FRIENDSHIPS, click the cut! )

As always, you are cordially invited to tell me about your own favorite platonic fictional BFFs!
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Last week, Cha Song Joo rocked the polls with a fantastically gorgeous (and coordinated!) outfit:

That makes this her second in a row; just one more and she will be challenging Se Gi's record of three straight wins. And she is bringing some strong wardrobe contenders this week, but she is not the only one.

Top five episode eleven costumes under the cut! )

[Poll #1711926]
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[ profile] lacewood asked me for my Top Five OTPs! As with everything else, this is a difficult question to narrow down and will leave out many many things I love, but I WILL DO MY BEST, etc. etc.

Top Five OTPs )

Oh my god, that was the longest I have ever talked about shipping ever. EVER. Distract me from how embarrassed I feel by telling me why you love the relationships you love the most!
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Last week, Cha Song Joo carried the polls pretty much by sheer force of badassery:

And this week I will admit just up front is pretty Cha Song Joo dominated. I CAN'T HELP IT IF SHE'S ALWAYS FABULOUS.

Top five episode ten costumes under the cut! )

[Poll #1680100]
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Okay, so before I start in on this week's poll, truth in advertising I guess: if I'm going to be commenting on other people's fashion choices, I should probably admit that today I am wearing super-glittery tiger-striped stockings to work. AND IT'S AWESOME.

. . . anyway. Last week's winner was, once again, Woo Wan rocking a pattern that would better belong on a ten-year-old's pajamas:

We're now over halfway through these things, by the way! Will Woo Wan tone down his sartorial choices as he gets more entangled in the revolution? Will the costume department grow less ambitious and start to reuse some of their outfits? With how many different weapons will Cha Song Joo accessorize? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Top five episode nine costumes under the cut! )

[Poll #1677147]
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So episode seven gave us another landslide victory, as Mr. Sun Woo Wan and his expert deployment of gingham swept the polls:

Which is kind of funny, because in my opinion, the gingham cannot EVEN COMPARE to the suit Woo Wan is rocking in episode eight.

Top five episode eight costumes under the cut! )

[Poll #1670436]
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First of all: [ profile] dictator_duck, inspired by Se Gi's fashion sensibilities (as are we all), made a macro!

I think we can all agree that the correct time and place to use this is ALWAYS.

Anyway: last time, Cha Song Joo's Marilyn Monroe dress swept favorite by a landslide:

As is, in my opinion, only right and just.

This week, though . . . man, guys, I had a REALLY hard time just narrowing it down to five this week.

Top five episode seven costumes under the cut! )

[Poll #1664510]
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Man, guys, we rewatched the end of Capital Scandal last night, and as some of you will understand, it became NECESSARY for me to post a costume poll today so that I could remember back to the wacky comedy times and STOP CRYING IN MY HEART.

. . . so, uh, anyway! Last week the ladies finally broke Se Gi's streak, with Young Ran's adorable suit taking the lead after a neck-and-neck competition:

And this week, it's all ladies, all the time! The gentlemen of the show were definitely not bringing their A game to this episode, but who needs suits when you have Cha Song Joo?

Top five episode 6 costumes! )

[Poll #1659262]
skygiants: Cha Song Joo and Lee Su Hyun from Capital Scandal in a swing pose (got that swing)
Last week's poll victor: Se Gi with his third victory in a row, pulling off the Carmen Sandiego look with great panache!

(Can you imagine taking a look inside Se Gi's closet? All these suits lined up next to each other? I think my eyes have gone temporarily blind from the mental image alone.)

The first one of these polls I did came from episode four, so we'll be moving along this week to episode five.

Top five episode 5 costumes! )

[Poll #1657205]


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