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Thing 1: Sign-ups for [community profile] fma_ladyfest are now open! You can use the Dreamwidth or Livejournal sign-up pages. GO FORTH AND LADYFEST. \o/

Thing 2: As seen in the bookstore yesterday with [personal profile] innerbrat:

I demand more exploration of this immediately. DISCUSS.

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So . . . I guess we're doing this ladyfest thing again! On LJ AND DW this time, for double your convenience. Or something.

Sign-ups are opening on Friday, so start thinking of prompts! (And ignore the fact that all the graphics say 2011. WE WILL FIX THAT BY FRIDAY I swear!)
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So hey! As most of you have probably seen, we're thinking about whether or not to run [ profile] fma_ladyfest again, and we're currently running a poll to gauge interest.

Our plan is to take a look at the results and make our decision a week from the day it went up, which will be . . . on Wednesday. So this is just a heads-up that if you have an interest in the outcome, now is the time to express it!
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Most of you for whom this announcement is relevant have probably seen it about five times on your flist already, but just in case you missed it: hey, we opened up fma_ladyfest signups yesterday! So if you have been waiting breathlessly by the computer for a chance to participate in a female-character-centric Fullmetal Alchemist fic and art exchange to run over the summer, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. (If you have not been waiting breathlessly but still think it sounds kind of cool, this can also be your chance too!)
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So hey FMA nerds, remember the [ profile] fma_ladyfest?

Because we are ENORMOUSLY SENSIBLE people who HUGELY VALUE our free time, we are considering giving it another go! Tell us whether or not you think this is a good idea over here!
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1. So hey guys, remember how we were going to post that prompt list from [ profile] fma_ladyfest? Well, now it is up! Whether or not you participated in the original ficathon, take a look, see if you are struck by inspiration - it would be pretty awesome to see some of these fics popping up on my flist. ~FMA LADIES~ <3333333 (Also, for those who did participate in the ladyfest, it's not too late to get your prompts added to the list; if you fill out the poll here and drop us a comment, we'll put them up ASAP!)

2. Movies I have seen in theaters recently: Megamind, Harry Potter 7 pt. 1

Megamind: Liked it enormously! The characters are largely adorable, and whatever flaws it has are all wiped out for me by the fact that, while the vast majority of films thoroughly shore up the Nice Guy trope, Megamind critiques it with a vengeance. Yes, that guy who lurks around and makes creeper eyes at you and refuses to take no for a final answer: not just romantic and misunderstood! In fact, often creepy and potentially dangerous! THANK YOU, DREAMWORKS.

Harry Potter: I suspect I am the only person in the world who prefers the movies to the books. HEATHEN, SACRILEGE, ETC., I know! But I just really enjoy the visuals and the worldbuilding in the movies - the magic stuff actually feels integrated into the world, rather than being cool bits that were stuck in because JKR thought they were cool without thinking much about implications. Also, I have a great fondness for Daniel Radcliffe ever since watching him be a giant overenthusiastic dork at the Tonys. He's so tiny! Anyway, overall I thought the film was pretty gorgeous (shiny, lulzy makeout scene aside). That said, there was one point at which I think the whole theater sort of hated us, but you try keeping a straight face as Ron shouts at Harry, "YOUR PARENTS ARE DEEEEEAD!"

3. Relatedly: thanks to [ profile] innerbrat, there is now a #ChaSongJooisBatman tag on Twitter. I don't actually have a Twitter, but if I did it would be my MOST USED TAG EVER.

4. Tomorrow morning I am going home for Thanksgiving! Plans include: an epic ton of cooking, an epic ton of writing, chilling with high school friends, keeping my promise to my mother to see Harry Potter with her, FINISHING MY GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATION.
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Hi guys! Just a quick note for all [ profile] fma_ladyfest-ers who may not follow the community religiously (AND WHY NOT? No, just kidding) - we've posted a Poll About Your Prompts, so go check it out over here! (See, when Gen and I are in the same place, stuff does occasionally get done . . .)
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The reveal post for [ profile] fma_ladyfest is up! And with that last bit finished, I guess I can finally take an official deep breath and say: WE ACTUALLY DID IT. AND DIDN'T DIE. (Gen and I have pretty much been shrieking and allcapsing at each other since yesterday nonstop about the fact that we actually pulled off a ficathon, oh my god, what is this.) And okay, as a mod-type person I can't really rec specific fics, but I humbly submit to you all that you should go read and admire EVERYTHING, because it is all seriously amazing. I haven't commented on anything yet because I want to comment on it all and that would have made it pretty obvious which fic I wrote (because there was nothing else obvious about the fic I wrote). But I will be doing that over the next few days!

For the record: I wrote A Girl Worth Fighting For, for [ profile] izilen. Yes, the one with cross-dressing, bickering siblings, too much talking, and historical dorkery. To your inevitable shock at this reveal, I can only modestly respond that I am eternally unexpected and unpredictable. Like a ninja.

I also co-wrote Got One Hundred Steps To Go with Gen for [ profile] yhlee. I BET YOU CAN'T GUESS WHICH OF US WROTE WHICH BITS. (Everyone who has ever read anything by either of us will be able to guess which of us wrote which bits. But if you need a hint, all the gorgeous parts are hers.)

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING NOT-ACTUALLY-COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: now that Ladyfest is done, I can commence freaking out over Yuletide!

Here are some of the things I am thinking about nominating )
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Top Fives continued: [ profile] blacksheep91 asked me for my top five Princess Tutu fics. Normally I would do this in a comment rather than a whole post, but sneakily I am also hoping to get some recs out of it for myself.

Five(ish) Princess Tutu fic recs )

So guys, if you wanted to toss me your favorite Princess Tutu fic that I tragically left off this list, that is something I would definitely appreciate!

Also, while on the topic of fic - sjk;djfdsa okay so, as of a week in, we have 24 signups for [ profile] fma_ladyfest (not counting ourselves, since . . . we're not actually sure that we count, in this case). I am kind of unreasonably excited about this, given that when we first came up with the idea [ profile] genarti and I were fully prepared to be exchanging stories for a two-person ficathon.

You can also consider this your mid-signups reminder that there's one week left before signups close. The post to sign up is over here, and while Gen and I may not be doing any more dances together due to being in different cities, I can assure you guys that I at least will continue to chairdance in a highly undignified fashion for every new person who joins.
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All right, guys. You remember this?

Well. Uh.

[ profile] fma_ladyfest


Instructions are here, and you can sign up here. Sign-ups are open today through August 25th, but I will confidentially tell you guys that [ profile] genarti and I will be in the same place this weekend, and for every sign-up we have received by then we will be performing a very enthusiastic and super undignified dance. Yes, Gen is totally aware that I am promising this on her behalf and everything. If you help us spread the word, we will love you forever and do an extra dance just for you!

(Reminding us to breathe might also be helpful.)

And please do send us comments or questions or whatever, here or over at [ profile] genarti's announcement post or at the FAQ! WE LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK. :D


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