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Although I collapsed without any time to post yesterday due to being out of the house Doing Things Actively from 8 AM to near midnight, I did enough stuff this week that I want to make a post anyway:

- donated to the legal expense fund for ADAPT disability rights activists protesting on healthcare stuff
- wrote letters to my Senators about healthcare stuff
- wrote a letter to my governor saying A+ on climate stuff, please change your mind on the sanctuary state law
- wrote a letter to my congressperson that was generally positive, I forget about what specifically
(all the letter-writing is thanks to the monthly event chez [personal profile] gaudior and [personal profile] rushthatspeaks)
- had a Planned Parenthood volunteer shift
- had a planning meeting to start up an instance of the non-profit that I helped found down in NYC, to do free video digitization for activist and artist orgs with aging media archives, up here in Boston -- I'm extremely excited about this, as I've been missing this kind of work, and if all goes well we are probably going to try and host a digitization event sometime in the fall
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