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I wrote a series of Deep Space Nine ficlets about space Jews for the Purimgifts exchange this year, which was an interesting experience because a.) it's definitely the most Jewish fic I've written, including the year I wrote Fiddler on the Roof fic and b.) I tend to forget that many people don't necessarily know things like 'who is Queen Vashti' or 'what is a Purimshpil.' Which doesn't really matter, because these fics are unashamedly written for the people who do know those things, and that's fine. But it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

Anyway: Space Jews Celebrating Space Purim. I have accidentally given myself a lot of Jewish Star Trek headcanons now. Anyone want to talk to me about Starfleet Academy Hillel?
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Something else I did in 2015 that I never got a chance to write up: finish all of Deep Space Nine!

Episodes 11-26 of Season Seven (?!?!) under the cut )

I don't ... necessarily feel like Deep Space Nine really stuck the landing; my favorite moment of the entire series is probably that shift at the end of Season Five, with its promise of serialized greatness that they never quite figure out how to manage. However, this diminishes neither my love for the show as a whole, nor my feeling of bereft bewilderment that we've actually seen the whole thing and there is no more. How is there no more? Come on, Star Trek Powers That Be, I would ABSOLUTELY watch Season Eight with Captain Kira and her right-hand woman Ezri and her frenemeses Quark and Gadfly Reporter Jake. Also, where are my Captain Nog Adventures?? THE PEOPLE DEMAND CAPTAIN NOG ADVENTURES.

([personal profile] innerbrat and I spent several weeks over the holidays trying to figure out what we were going to watch next, and if it was going to be another Star Trek, but I think I need a break before I start trying to love another Star Trek cast so that I don't resent them for not being the DS9 crew. So instead we are switching over to kdrama for a while and watching Hong Gil Dong. After that, we'll see!)
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I was going to start writing up the seventh season of Deep Space Nine after eight episodes as per usual, and then I hadn't gotten around to it by the ninth episode and then DUKAT STARTED LEADING A CULT and anyway we've seen through ten episodes of this season by now.

Episodes 1-10 of Season Seven, under the cut )
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We're done with season six of Deep Space Nine! I am kind of having difficulty adjusting to the fact that we only have one more season to go? WHAT A STRANGE CONCEPT.

That said despite the fact that this episode DEFINITELY includes the worst DS9 episode ever, like, it's almost impossible for me to conceive of an episode worse than this.


Episodes 19-26 of Season Six, under the cut )
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There's a way in which I really kind of love that the first few episodes of season six of Deep Space Nine are INTENSE SERIALIZED SCIENCE FICTION, and then that ends and they're like "what do we do now ... uhhhhhh ..... ummmmmmmmm .... whatever, fine, IT'S FANFIC SEASON. Let's shrink the Defiant!"

Episodes 11-18 of Season Six, under the cut )
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OK, the first ten episodes of Deep Space Nine's sixth season have not been quite as amazing as the ending of the fifth season, because, like ... what could be?

On the other hand, serialization and mirrorverse and fanfic episodes!

Episodes 1-10 of Season Six, under the cut )
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And now we're done with Season Five of Deep Space Nine and I'm still reeling a little bit from how good the ending of the season actually was; I wasn't expecting any of that!

Episodes 17-26 of Season Five, under the cut )
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We're more than halfway through season five! Including probably the episode that has made me angriest so far, and the episode that made me laugh the most so far, thank you, Eddington's Kate Beaton obsession.

Episodes 7-16 of Season Five, under the cut )
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I should have stopped for a Deep Space Nine episode write-up a few weeks ago, but at that point we were only two episodes away from Trials and Tribble-ations, and I was like, you know what, SCREW IT. WE'RE HOLDING OUT FOR TRIBBLES. And we did. And it was amazing.

The last four episodes of Season Four )

And the first six episodes of Season Five )
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[personal profile] innerbrat has been waiting REALLY IMPATIENTLY for me to get to writing up this set of episodes so we can rant about the WORST DEEP SPACE NINE EPISODE EVER.

So here it is, folks: the set of writeups that includes the worst Deep Space Nine episode ever, Episodes 15-22 of Season 4, under the cut. )

Almost done season four! The rest of the episode titles for this season are SUPER DRAMATIC, I'm looking forward to them.
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Downside: after a day which has already included a full-length comedy of travel errors (mostly of my own doing), I am currently grounded in Minneapolis. Also, for the icing on the cake, I broke my shoe. :(

Upside: I think I spoke reasonably eloquently at my conference presentation this morning, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, Minneapolis airport has wi-fi! TEN POINTS TO MINNEAPYFFINDOR. So I'm gonna use the time to write up How Much For Just The Planet, because it's impossible to be as cranky as you otherwise might be when you remember that a Star Trek novel exists that literally just consists of the TOS cast and a bunch of Klingons being flung directly into a musical episode.

The plot of How Much For Just The Planet theoretically involves the Klingons and the Federation competing for a planet full of resources, but the inhabitants of the planet see this serious business Star Trek plot coming a mile away and just decide they are going to NOPE STRAIGHT OUT OF IT. "How can we get rid of the interstellar politics headed our way? Easy! WE WILL CONFUSE AND IRRITATE THE HECK OUT OF THEM UNTIL THEY LEAVE."

This launches everybody into a highly choreographed series of HIJINKS, designed for the mockery of the visitors and entertainment of the locals, who are all HUGE FILM AND DRAMA NERDS, in which:

- Kirk, an Earth diplomat that he used to date, and their rom-com Klingon counterparts embark on an elaborate screwball sequence of fake burglaries and mistaken identities to help a couple of the locals get hitched
- Scotty and Chekhov get into a DUEL with some Klingons that can only be settled the old-fashioned way: with BATTLE GOLF
- Uhura and a film-nerd Klingon, the smartest members of their respective crews, have an incredibly genre-savvy film noir adventure
- McCoy and Sulu get kidnapped by an evil singing pirate queen and have to fight their way out with the help of the pastry cooks

Sorry, did I say 'singing pirate queen?' This is misleading; everything and everyone is singing. EVERYONE. Except of course for the very confused Enterprise team and Klingons, who manage to have a lot of beautiful bonding in their constant mutual confusion and dismay.

In addition to being a loving homage to screwball comedy, the book is also a loving homage to outdated technology; as a film archivist, the in-text educational film delighted my heart and soul.

-- and I knew citing this book would improve the situation! There is now a light on the horizon, and if I am very lucky, there is still a chance I may get back to New York before midnight. Which, all things considered, is not that bad! ONWARDS.
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Over halfway through Season Four! This is the batch that includes both the ROSWELL EPISODE and the JAMES BOND EPISODE. Well played, Deep Space Nine. (Although, sadly, no mirrorverse episodes this season so far, which I think are the only things that get us more excited than we got at the prospect of the Roswell episode.) Also, I got behind on posts, so there are ten episodes here rather than eight, which offends my sense of order slightly but oh well.

Episodes 5-14 of Season Three under the cut )
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Sometime this weekend I'm going to put up an actual Deep Space 9 episode post, but in the meantime I just discovered these notes from a conversation between me and Debi in a notebook on my laptop from who knows how many months ago:


- Odo and Ben love each other. But they're TOTALLY NOT FRIENDS. Batman doesn't have friends. But they love each other.
- Ann is conflicted about sleeping with Bashir, because he's her boss; sleeps with him anyway; breaks it off because she's uncomfortable being in an open relationship that involves a war criminal [note: if memory serves the war criminal part refers to Garak]
- Jadzia hits on Ann all the time but she never notices because she's so used to Leslie. It's so nice to have a normal friend!
- THE O'BRIENS AND THE GURGICHES HAVE SO MANY BORING DINNERS TOGETHER [note: to be honest I think this is the best and most accurate part of the post]
- Jake and Nog buy all their clothes from Tom
- Ron likes Odo. Then Ron finds out Odo believes in 1984-style surveillance all the time. Ron does not like Odo.
- Sisko hates Leslie. AND EVERYONE.
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Debi and I officially into Season Four of Deep Space Nine! ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH, sort of, kind of, except Season One was short so not really all that close, in fact. BUT SORT OF. Anyway the most important thing is that NOW WE HAVE WORF.

The last four episodes of Season Three )

And the first four episodes of Season Four! )
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So I had an amazing time in Dublin and did all sorts of awesome things! (Including the Book of Kells, AMAZING, thanks to everyone who reminded me that it was there.)

...but since [personal profile] innerbrat was there we also watched some Deep Space Nine, which brings me to my next episode post.

Episodes 15-22 of Season Three )
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I've finally gotten DS9 icons to use when I do these posts! That's how you know things are getting real.

Episodes 7-14 of Season Three )
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"But why did you post your last Deep Space Nine entry TWO EPISODES before we ended Season Two?" said Debi.

"I don't know!" I said. "I've been doing eight episodes per! I'm a creature of habit! I'M AWARE IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE."

But I'm still doing eight episodes per, because that's about the amount of time I can go before I forget all my thoughts on the first episodes in the batch. So it goes.

The last two episodes of Season Two )

And the first six episodes of Season Three )
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Two episodes from the end of season 2 of Deep Space Nine, and Debi has taken to calling this the Fanfic Season because so many of these episodes are just straight off the AO3. Like, I'm not complaining. BUT IT'S HILARIOUS.

Episodes 17-24 )
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Deep Space Nine, Season 2, Part 2! A somewhat mediocre crop of episodes with some entertaining highlights, but, you know, mid-season-ish, so I guess that's not unexpected.

Which takes us through episode 16 )
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So we're into season 2 of Deep Space Nine, and already it is clearly a much better show than it was in Season 1 - not that I did not enjoy Season 1, because I SUPER DID, but there are definitely more episodes that I'm walking away from feeling ". . . huh, that was more complicated than I expected." (. . . with some notable exceptions.)

We're up to Episode 8 at this point, for the record. )

It has, relatedly, clearly gotten to the point where I need a DS9 icon. Can anyone point me to a place where one might be found?


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