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I was supposed to do five favorite anime/manga for [personal profile] cinaed on the 14th, a full week behind on my December meme posts! I am shamed. :( ALSO this is a hard question to answer. Five? Only five?!

OK, I can muster up a pretty clear top five, but I refuse to rank them! REFUSE. Here goes:

- Revolutionary Girl Utena was not actually my first anime (that was Evangelion, about which I have now forgotten most of everything) but it was definitely one of my most ... confusingly formative. And it's so good! So often inexplicable, but so good! Just such an amazingly incisive and scathing condemnation of everything that is toxic about gender roles and savior complexes, wrapped in twelve layers of metaphor and boxing kangaroos.

- and Princess Tutu was my fourth anime! I started out strong, well done self. Perhaps part of the reason I love it so much is because it is in direct conversation with Utena, and not arguing with it exactly but providing a different slant -- a less brutal but no less incisive look at the kind of stories that shape people, and how they do it. Also it's SO ADORABLE. EVERYTHING IS ADORABLE.

- meanwhile Fullmetal Alchemist, in a different category, is emphatically my favorite shonen. It's a theoretically straightforward quest story, which is actually a nuanced exploration of sacrifice, responsibility and loss, dealing solidly along the way with issues of genocide and national guilt and national healing. Also, Hiromu Arakawa is one of the most charming mangaka that exists IN THIS WORLD.

- rivaled only perhaps by Yumi Tamura, author of 7 Seeds! I am a little bit obsessed with 7 Seeds, a post-apocalyptic manga that manages to be incredibly brutal and incredibly optimistic and INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS all at once, because Yumi Tamura's character development is a beautiful, complex thing and Yumi Tamura's plotting and worldbuilding are like Jurassic Park on crack. "And then we found these things in the desert and poured water on them and it turned out they were DEHYDRATED DINOSAURS!"

- I don't actually know enough about Naoki Urasawa himself to know if he is charming? Anyway, 20th Century Boys is my other all-time favorite manga, about ... a bunch of people running around to thwart the apocalypse! This wasn't an intentional theme. Anyway what it's really about is the way that the things that absorb you as a child do and don't continue to affect you as you grow up, and the power of things like music and stories, for good and for ill (also perhaps a theme running through this list, OK, I never said I wasn't predictable.)

OK THERE THAT'S FIVE. Honorable mentions go to Baccano!, Gokusen and the first 200 or so chapters of Skip Beat! as well probably as several other things I am forgetting. (I can safely leave Twelve Kingdoms off the list though because I like it best as a light novel series. SO THERE.)
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First post for that December requested posts thing!

So [personal profile] bookblather asked me about my favorite crime-fighting duos, and the one that always jumps first into my head is not actually really much of a crime-fighting duo at all, except for one or two glorious episodes: Olive Snook and Emerson Cod from Pushing Daisies.

If you do not remember Pushing Daisies, it was that Brian Fuller show about a singing ex-jockey pie waitress and a cynical knitting detective who made pop-up books, and also a dude who raised people from the dead and his star-crossed love affair, I guess. I mean, look, we all loved Ned and Chuck, and I also loved Ned and Chuck, but would I have been just as happy -- or perhaps even happier -- with the Olive And Emerson Detective Agency Show? YES. YES I WOULD HAVE. And was I secretly enraged that the hasty wrap-up when the show was cancelled made it canonical that Olive did . . . something that I can't remember but that tragically was not partnering up with Emerson for the Olive And Emerson Detective Agency Show? YES. YES I WAS. Sorry, Brian Fuller, but your vision was INFERIOR.

Ummmm. What other crime-fighting duos do I love? I am not gonna talk about Elementary's Holmes and Watson because I feel like that's too obvious, and also though I still love Elementary I'm currently cranky at it for spending way too much time on Holmes Brother Drama that I don't care about. I just did a search for 'together they fight crime!' in my gmail to see what comes up, and I get:

Kyoko and Kanna from 20th Century Boys, who didn't actually do much crime-fighting together either, but whom I would desperately love to see fight crime together in future

Scar and Marcoh from Fullmetal Alchemist, who do not fight crime so much as fight . . . genocide . . . after Marcoh helped to commit it . . . and then tried to commit suicide-by-Scar and had his face melted instead . . . AND YES I DO WANT TO READ ABOUT THEIR CRIME-FIGHTING ADVENTURES, THANK YOU

Eva and Dieter from Monster, who I had totally forgotten until just now fought crime together for one SHINING MOMENT

Livia Levesque and Abishag Shaw from the Benjamin January books, who are never actually a crime-fighting duo in the Benjamin January books yet, but if they were it would be my FAVORITE Benjamin January book

Molly and Mohinder from Heroes, which, aww, sometimes I forget that once I cared about that tragically-canceled-after-a-first-season show

Harth Fray and Mary Lennox . . . about which it is probably better not to ask
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I have no explanation for this except that it's [ profile] genarti's fault.

Title: Fort Briggs and a Little Lady
Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Yotsuba&!
Characters: Falman, Buccaneer, Miles, Yotsuba
Word Count: 627
Summary: Of all the babyfic I ever thought I might possibly be perpetrating in my life, Fort Briggs babyfic was not top of the list. You probably don't actually need to know Yotsuba to enjoy this. You probably do need to find the concept of Fort Briggs + five-year-old-child inexplicably hilarious to enjoy this . . .

It had been over a decade since Fort Briggs had concluded an enemy encounter with anything less than a crushing victory. )
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Oh man, I have been looking forward to this one. [personal profile] kd7sov asked me for my top five love songs I associate with specific characters! This is my favorite way to listen to music, because I am an enormous dork with thirty vids in my head that I will never acquire the technical skills to make.

Cut for what turned out, unsurprisingly, to be long! )

YOUR TURN. Share with me the songs that you associate with your favorite pairings! Or anti-pairings or friendships or whichever, really. Anything goes!
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[ profile] kd7sov asked me for my top five 'most awesome relatively-underpowered characters.' As I said when I was talking about bulletproof tropes: I LOVE underpowered characters. I especially love underpowered characters when the narrative allows them to be awesome despite the fact that they're the only one not shooting laser bullets with their mind, although sadly this doesn't happen nearly as often in fiction as I would like. But whenever it does, I'M THERE SO FAST, guys. SO FAST.

Cut for images and babbling! )

Talk to me about your favorite underpowered characters, flist!
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So hey FMA nerds, remember the [ profile] fma_ladyfest?

Because we are ENORMOUSLY SENSIBLE people who HUGELY VALUE our free time, we are considering giving it another go! Tell us whether or not you think this is a good idea over here!
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Other things I discovered while backing up documents: some not-quite-as-old fic-bits I never posted. Most of which never will be posted, but on consideration I have decided I like this well enough to inflict it on the world.

Title: Gone Fishing
Characters: Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye
Word Count: 987
Summary: In eight or so years of nonstop political scheming, there may have been one faint doomed attempt at a vacation.

“Lieutenant,” he says, “do you know much about fishing?” )
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[ profile] lacewood asked me for my Top Five OTPs! As with everything else, this is a difficult question to narrow down and will leave out many many things I love, but I WILL DO MY BEST, etc. etc.

Top Five OTPs )

Oh my god, that was the longest I have ever talked about shipping ever. EVER. Distract me from how embarrassed I feel by telling me why you love the relationships you love the most!
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As a sort of corollary to my last top fives post, I guess, [ profile] evil_little_dog asked me for the top five AUs I would like to see for FMA. Which seems a little redundant, but I have valiantly tried to think of new ones!

Cut, once again, for images and terrible photoshopping. )

If anyone is inspired by this to write snippets, I, um . . . will be happy? Will write a snippet back perhaps? SOMETHING.
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If I had to make an estimate, I would guess that around 60% of FMA fandom is entirely uninterested in Scar, 70% entirely uninterested in Mei, 90% entirely uninterested in Marcoh, and 99% entirely uninterested in Yoki.

So basically that leaves approximately two people who might have any interest in this. Uh, I hope those hypothetical two enjoy it! (And thank you [ profile] genarti for the beta.)

Title: Ghosts of Baschool
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Mei, Marcoh, Yoki, Scar
Spoilers/Warnings: PG-13 for mentions of genocide? This probably goes without saying for these characters. Set during the Briggs arc, so spoilers for everything up until then.
Word Count: 3726
Summary: So a serial killer, a mass murderer, a petty thief and a princess walk into an abandoned mining town . . .

(For the record, my mental soundtrack for this fic is Dar Williams' Mercy of the Fallen.)

They'll make their own noise; it won't be so bad. )
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It has been a very, very quiet day at work. (I am the best employee.)

Title: Cautery
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Words: 189
Characters: Marcoh, Scar. Postcanon.

Anonymity is a reward that he's not sure he wants anymore )
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So I mentioned [ profile] genarti and I were going to be watching some episodes of the old FMA series!

FOR THOSE WHO MAY BE CURIOUS, Gen has our extremely deep and thoughtful notes over here.

(What's hilarious is how they get increasingly LONGER AND MORE INDIGNANT as a.) it gets later and later and b.) the plot gets MORE AND MORE CONFUSING. I was going to say, "c.) as we drink more," but Gen over my shoulder points out that this is a lie and we were totally sober for the last few episodes, and she is probably right. I DON'T KNOW. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE.
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Those of you who are sick of seeing me pimp out [ profile] fma_ladyfest: you are in luck! Because sign-ups end tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight EST and therefore this is the last pimping post you will probably have to see. (Unless you belong to the FMA comms, in which case, uh, you'll be seeing like four more. Sorry?)

So basically, if you have been thinking about signing up, now is the time, this is the place. Join us! We have cookies. Well, okay, that is a lie. But we have awesome ladies and awesome writers, which is possibly better!

In other news, in honor of all the fantastic fic that is to come (AM I STILL TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS? MAYBE YES A LITTLE) I am following in [ profile] vivien529's footsteps and reviving the songfic game!

Name a work of fiction - book, movie, tv show, whichever; obscure is fine and welcomed, as long as you know that I know it - and whatever the next song is that comes up randomly on my iPod after I see your comment, I will describe to you the plot of the amazingly angsty and terrible songfic that would emerge from this combination! As a bonus, if the song is uploadable, I will upload it for you when I get home from work.

Example: You say, "The Cat in the Hat;" the next song that comes up on my iPod is "Don't Fear the Reaper"; clearly, this would generate a fic about the Cat trying to talk the fish into letting the Cat dump him out of his bowl, leaving his confined life for a passionate and freeing death!

(And then by the rule of the internet, of course, that fic will spring spontaneously into existence, but we can ignore that bit.)
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[ profile] ceitfianna asked me for my top five badass ladies in anime, in books, and in general. I will have you know that these decisions were EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Too many badass ladies, too little time!


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Top Fives continued: [ profile] blacksheep91 asked me for my top five Princess Tutu fics. Normally I would do this in a comment rather than a whole post, but sneakily I am also hoping to get some recs out of it for myself.

Five(ish) Princess Tutu fic recs )

So guys, if you wanted to toss me your favorite Princess Tutu fic that I tragically left off this list, that is something I would definitely appreciate!

Also, while on the topic of fic - sjk;djfdsa okay so, as of a week in, we have 24 signups for [ profile] fma_ladyfest (not counting ourselves, since . . . we're not actually sure that we count, in this case). I am kind of unreasonably excited about this, given that when we first came up with the idea [ profile] genarti and I were fully prepared to be exchanging stories for a two-person ficathon.

You can also consider this your mid-signups reminder that there's one week left before signups close. The post to sign up is over here, and while Gen and I may not be doing any more dances together due to being in different cities, I can assure you guys that I at least will continue to chairdance in a highly undignified fashion for every new person who joins.
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All right, guys. You remember this?

Well. Uh.

[ profile] fma_ladyfest


Instructions are here, and you can sign up here. Sign-ups are open today through August 25th, but I will confidentially tell you guys that [ profile] genarti and I will be in the same place this weekend, and for every sign-up we have received by then we will be performing a very enthusiastic and super undignified dance. Yes, Gen is totally aware that I am promising this on her behalf and everything. If you help us spread the word, we will love you forever and do an extra dance just for you!

(Reminding us to breathe might also be helpful.)

And please do send us comments or questions or whatever, here or over at [ profile] genarti's announcement post or at the FAQ! WE LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK. :D
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For pretty much every request on the Fannish Top Fives, you can take it as a given that my reaction falls affectionately somewhere on the spectrum between "you know well how to play to the judge" and "YOU ARE ALL WEIRDOS." *laughing*

Okay, Top Fives #1, from [ profile] nevacaruso: top five crossover characters you'd like to see Akio seduce, and why. (So basically, after going quite happily for several years without posting at all about Akio's seduction habits, this journal has apparently become ALL AKIO SEDUCTION, ALL THE TIME. I am sorry! I promise after this no more posts about Akio sexin' for a very long time.)

I limited myself for this to canons which I had not already written up in this dream crossover list, because redundancy! Which did help me narrow it down a little.

Images are occasionally shirtless but as worksafe as anything involving Akio! )

. . . . so yeah, I'm done. But feel free to contribute your own top lolarious Akio seduction!
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[ profile] genarti is the LEAST HELPFUL PERSON EVER. I would just like to announce this now.

Because when I mentioned to her, like an idiot, that I thought it would be excellent if there was a fic-and-art exchange centered around female characters from Fullmetal Alchemist along the lines of the extremely awesome [ profile] atla_ladyfest that the equally awesome [ profile] meredyd set up last summer . . . instead of doing the helpful thing and reminding me that I am terrible at organization and have no time this summer and am terrified of self-promotion and all those things that go into doing a fandom fic exchange thing, she said, "I WOULD CO-MOD. Also the community name fma_ladyfest is open! :D"

So, uh. I guess . . . um, I guess this is a preliminary interest-gauging post to find out if anyone else thinks it's a good idea to set up a summer--->fall exchange focused on The Ladies of Fullmetal Alchemist: Look, Female Characters Are Seriously Awesome, Sometimes Especially When Hanging Out With Each Other.

Are we completely on crack? Should we really consider doing this?

I guess the two are not mutually exclusive . . .

[Poll #1594519]

Feel free to point people here if you think they might be interested/have helpful thoughts, by the way. And any helpful suggestions would be seriously welcome.


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