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GUESS WHAT it's another ... Jupiter Ascending fic chapter ....?

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I have a new chapter of my long-running Jupiter Ascending fic up!

Don't get too excited, a business meeting is literally the only thing that happens here. Action-packed thrills a minute!
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IT ATEN'T DEAD, or, in other words: I have a new chapter of my Jupiter Ascending fic up! A whole ten days before the one-year-since-last-updated mark!

I'M VERY PROUD and I'm sure there are about three of you who are very excited also.
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I wrote a series of Deep Space Nine ficlets about space Jews for the Purimgifts exchange this year, which was an interesting experience because a.) it's definitely the most Jewish fic I've written, including the year I wrote Fiddler on the Roof fic and b.) I tend to forget that many people don't necessarily know things like 'who is Queen Vashti' or 'what is a Purimshpil.' Which doesn't really matter, because these fics are unashamedly written for the people who do know those things, and that's fine. But it was an interesting experience nonetheless.

Anyway: Space Jews Celebrating Space Purim. I have accidentally given myself a lot of Jewish Star Trek headcanons now. Anyone want to talk to me about Starfleet Academy Hillel?
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I've read maybe four fics in the Yuletide archive so far that weren't gifted to me -- my own gifts were so amazing and plentiful (THANKS FOR A PERFECT FIC, [personal profile] fahye, YOU DELIGHTFUL RIDICULOUS HUMAN) and then things have been so busy since that I have not had the time! I am very much looking forward to working through everything in a slow and leisurely fashion over the next year. :D

As for what I wrote:

The Raptor, Ladyhawke

I hadn't thought about this delightfully ridiculous 80's film in years -- I actually matched with my recipient on Casablanca -- but when I saw she was asking for prequel fic with, like, actual logistics ... and historical context .... I COULD NOT RESIST. How would you cope if one day you're a fairly ordinary medieval lady and the next day you're spending half your time as an angry bird?

Due to the fact that I am in no way a medieval scholar, this is a fic that was even more of a collaborative effort than usual. I am enormously grateful to actual medieval scholars [personal profile] rymenhild and [personal profile] izilen for brainstorming historical plausibility with me, [personal profile] izilen again for going through and catching all my accidental anachronisms, and [personal profile] genarti and [personal profile] newredshoes for betaing!

Ecdysis, The Lie Tree

Faith, Paul, and ill-advised adventures in Victorian photography!

I'd sort of forgotten that [personal profile] gogollescent made almost exactly the same Lie Tree request I did until it went out on the pinch-hit list, after which I was like "well, probably no one else is going to write Lie Tree fic so I may as well give it a go" ... OH, HOW WONDERFULLY WRONG I WAS. In addition to the adorable Lie Tree fic I myself received, you should also read Gogol's other gift, The Transformation, which features a Faith of a pitch-perfect terrifying fierceness that I can only dream of capturing. I am proud of the Victorian photography details, though. This was a very research-heavy Yuletide year!
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Another chapter of that Jupiter Ascending fic is now up! In which I have FINALLY gotten around to including Advocate Bob.
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I have posted another chapter of Jupiter Ascending fic!

In which literally nothing happens except Aleksa and Tsing eating cheap American-style Chinese food. Um.
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I wrote two Utena fics for Parallels this year. The reason for this is that the inevitable finally happened and I was assigned to write for [personal profile] genarti (aka my usual first reader on anything I write, also my girlfriend).

'OK,' I thought, 'I will be EXTREMELY CUNNING and write a decoy fic for somebody else, ask her to beta that so she doesn't get suspicious, and meanwhile write another secret fic for her!'

Then of course the decoy fic that I made her read for me ended up being twice as long (also twice as incomprehensible) as the secret one, so in fact I ended up giving her more work than actual gift. I'm sorry, Gen! I'm not a very good secret writer girlfriend. But I did save you as a secret fic the one that was actually written with your fictional tastes in mind.

The Monster At the End Of This Fairy Tale

Utena gets dressed as quietly as she can, pulls on her borrowed running shoes, and jogs to practice. The usual route to the school track seems more complicated this morning. The campus has developed dozens of half-built walls and proto-buildings, blockaded off with red tape and signs warning 'SIDEWALK CLOSED' and 'ALTERNATE ROUTE.'

This was the decoy fic that ballooned -- an attempt at tackling the Utena postcanon fic in a variation on Ikuhara-esque surrealism, success levels questionable.

Let's Hurry Up, Spiritual Perfection

“If you say 'believe in miracles,'” Juri said, sharply, “I swear I'll --” She stopped herself, with an effort. She wasn't going to slap anyone, especially not Shiori. It was easy to lash out, but it wasn't worth the cost. Ruka had taught her that too. Leading by the opposite of example. “Shiori,” she said, instead. “Did you ever think that a person could believe in miracles, and still not want one?”

And this was the fic I actually intended to write for Gen! Much less surreal, mostly Juri character study, set sometime in between the Ruka duels and the end of the show.

Meanwhile, I received this AMAZING Capital Scandal artwork:


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The Lost Library exchange just wrapped up -- that's the metafictional one where you write a bit of a book or play or movie that's implied or stated to exist in another book or movie -- and it was, unsurprisingly, delightful.

I chucked two works into the fray, one straight-up unfinished script --

Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter (Draft 2, With Comments)

What has occurred to bring me to this pass?
For on my life, I cannot make it out.


-- and one semi-scholarly compilation, including some script excerpts and a few production reviews.

The Great Fire Lord


FIRELORD SOZIN: Heroic leading man type. Strong, well-muscled, must look good shirtless.

AVATAR ROKU: Attractively sinister type. Small goatee, pencil moustache, fantastic hair.

DRAGONS: At least three actors per dragon. No skimping!

And, in exchange, I received another delightful rediscovered bit of the literary corpus of the Ember Island Players!

The Legend of the Blue Spirit

The BLUE SPIRIT enters stage left. He glides through the fortress like a ghost, kicking, punching, and slicing through the guards. He leaves the last one standing, and places his blades against the guard’s throat.

Honestly, I hope this exchange runs for long enough to build a whole Ember Island Players library. So much hilarious revisionist A:tLA history, so little time!

There's a bunch of other charming works in the archive, which I highly recommend checking out, but I'm just gonna toss out a few more recs )
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EVEN MORE Jupiter Ascending fic.

Do I have at least two more chapters of this written after this one? IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE.

Is there an overarching plot or point to it? IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE THERE IS NOT.
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And now for something completely different: like three months later, there is now a Chapter 2 of this Jupiter Ascending fic.

Eventually there may be more! WHO KNOWS. I believe I have at least fulfilled my obligation for Space HGTV.
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In other news, I definitely didn't mean to write Deep Space Nine fic before finishing the series, and yet HERE WE ARE.

Our Bodies, Our Selves

This fic is entirely borne out of the moment when Kira agreed to move in with the O'Briens and let Molly have free run of her room, and Debi and I flinched in unison. Kira, I promise, you will want that personal space!

(And then it turned out I couldn't write about Kira and surprise physical transformations without also writing about Odo and surprise physical transformations, because, like, that literally happens the next episode. BODY ISSUES FOR EVERYONE!)
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I wrote a Jupiter Ascending fic? I wrote a Jupiter Ascending fic. That appears to be a thing I have done.

(It may end up being more of a thing, but it also may not be, so for now let's all pretend it's just one thing and leave it at that.)

The Convergence of Genetics and Quantitative Analysis

It's basically self-insert fic, in that Aleksa and Nino Bolotnikova get exactly the same degree of judgmental joy out of appending 'space' to every word they possibly can as I would in their situation.
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Parallels! I received Assessment, a super charming Gokusen fic about Yankumi and DELINQUENT GIRL GANGS, which has been the wish of my heart since my Gokusen reread earlier this year.

It was not a good day to try to go straight, Kasanoda Ayaka thought as she leaned over her fallen friend Kibayashi Kaori.

And I wrote Alterations, which is ... another Capital Scandal fic. YOU'RE ALL SHOCKED. It's about Yeong Ran and Choi Hak Hee postcanon, and if you don't know who Choi Hak Hee is, that's OK, because I totally didn't know her name until I desperately went searching for "Na Yeo Kyung's mother" on dramawiki sites.
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I woke up this morning after three or four hours of sleep, dazedly packed my bag, and then even more dazedly went to check the Yuletide archive.

Guys! When I saw that I'd gone out to the pinch-hit list last-minute, I was feeling guilty because I was convinced I was going to be the awful and difficult-to-match person who would hold up Yuletide for everyone else. Instead I got not one, BUT TWO stories, and BOTH OF THEM AMAZING:

Finding Aid, "The Provenance Game"

Amateurs would tell you “Oh, it’s just bits of paper.” Archivists knew better. The critical difference between an archive and a pile of documents was that in an archive, you knew where things were.

GUYS. SOMEONE WROTE ME ARCHIVES PORN. (In the metaphorical sense.) I mean, "The Provenance Game" as a short story is archives porn in and of itself, which is one of the things that makes it so delightful, but this is EVEN MORESO. I'm so delighted! And political archives intrigue, to boot. >:D I'm about 90% sure that whoever wrote this is an archivist themselves -- the reference to authority controls is what convinces me -- and if not, congrats, mystery author, you did an AMAZING job of faking it.

The Queen's Award, The Summer Prince

It's music of a sort, rough and wild but music all the same. The true anthem of our city, though almost no one has heard it, being sung here in the isolated reaches of Tier Ten.

AND THEN I GOT FEELINGS AND ART AND FEELINGS ABOUT CITIES PORN. (Um, and a little actual femslash porn as well.) Someone wrote me the June/Bebel postcanon fic I have been craving, and it's everything I could have asked for. Perfectionist ladies! Artistic partnerships! Finding the balance between politics and art! IT'S SO GREAT, everyone should read it.

WHAT A GOOD YULETIDE. I'm about to go to the movies with the family for the traditional Jewish Christmas ritual so I won't get to dive into the archive properly until later, but I'm super excited to do so!

I also, for the record, received one present from my dad for Christmas -- despite the fact that we don't ACTUALLY CELEBRATE it, he decided to get gifts for us all ANYWAY and surprise us. Which is unfair and we shouted him down vociferously! Then I opened my gift.

Okay, that's fair actually, I guess.
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Everyone is SUPER EXCITED FOR YULETIDE and so am I! MY ASSIGNMENT WILL BE AN INTERESTING CHALLENGE. But also it has reminded me that I never talked about the Exchange at Fic Corner, the children's and YA lit exchange from last month. WHICH IS A SHAME because my gift was really excellent:

And Found Me Here, Secret Country trilogy

Ruth breathed out. She was, apparently, still in her own head, no matter what else might be in it, and it was possible that not all the literature she loved was sorcerous.

I asked for fic about the stuff that we don't see with Ruth adjusting to the Secret Country's weirdness and her own alter ego, and this delivered exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. It's a really beautiful little piece with Pamela Dean's exact habit of the right quote in the right time, and the right time not to use a quote, too. Also, Lady Ruth's passive-aggressive form of 'helping' is PERFECTION.

Other stuff from the archive I really enjoyed )

Also I guess I should talk about what I wrote:

Double Feature, Darkest Powers

So I ended up matched with [personal profile] evewithanapple, who requested either Derek/Chloe fluff or a femslash story about Tori and Liz. Since writing romance of any sort is not my forte, this led to a lot of flailing emails to my betas composed largely of "ARE THEY GAY ENOUGH YET???" But I did end up having a lot of fun writing ghost lesbians. Even though the title is terrible. I'M SORRY, LAURA, my inspiration ran dry! (Chloe and Derek are also in it, and I meant for it to ALSO serve as Chloe/Derek fluff, but then I got distracted by ghost lesbians.)

And, for completion's sake, since I don't think I ever linked it here, way back in August for Parallels, I wrote:

Adaptive Systems, Time of Eve

For this one I matched with [personal profile] gramarye1971 . . . whom I love dearly and whom I had matched with for From Up on Poppy Hill with a beautiful request for historical exploration of the time period that I was NOWHERE NEAR QUALIFIED to fulfill. In a panic, I devoured Time of Eve and wrote this robot-POV fic instead. Protip: robot-POV is hard to write. BUT FUN. And I'd been meaning to watch Time of Eve anyway, so I'm not actually complaining.
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[personal profile] elsane has already tackled the theme of 'Marius accidentally helps the Revolution' and done it better, but here's another stab at it.

Title: Marius Rises in the Esteem of the Revolution
Fandom: Les Miserables
Characters: Marius, Courfeyrac, Enjolras. Up at the AO3 over here.

It is not Marius' fault that his friends mix their metaphors. )
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I like to imagine there is one really dedicated Azelma Thenardier fan out there who spends her time sadly browsing through the Les Mis tag on the AO3 and wondering where all the Azelma-centric fic is. Lone Azelma Thenardier fan: this one's for you.

Title: And Yet Are Orphans
Fandom: Les Miserables
Characters: Azelma, Gavroche, and a couple of Ami cameos
Summary: For lack of anything better to do, Azelma pays a visit to her brother.
Notes: The standard set of Thenardier family warnings apply -- implied child abuse, canon character death, you know the drill. Up at the AO3 over here. Thanks to [personal profile] genarti for the beta!

“My other sister's prettier,” remarked Gavroche. “This one would be a red-faced bourgeois if she could.” )
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I said to myself, "all right, all right, I'm back in the same fandom that I was when I was SEVENTEEN, but at least I'm not writing overwrought fanfic for it!" Cue hollow laughter.

Title: on your way up to the light
Fandom: Les Miserables
Characters: Jean Valjean, Eponine, Cosette, Marius, Gavroche
Summary: Brick AU of the 'small canon divergence leads to slightly larger changes' variety, and also of the 'I have a lot of feelings about parallels between Eponine and Valjean' variety. Eponine throws a note at Valjean; she doesn't anticipate the consequences.
Notes: Warnings for suicidal ideation. Title comes from the Mountain Goats song Amy aka Spent Gladiator. Also up at the AO3, over here. Thanks to [personal profile] genarti for the beta!

He took it, unfolded it, and read on it, in large letters written with a pencil: MOVE OUT. )
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Yuletide reveals time!

My assigned fic was The Young Chants, a Chrestomanci story about Christopher Chant and his expanding family.

I have been very surprised and pleased with the reception this fic has gotten! My recipient asked for fluffy family fic; I don't think she was expecting A FLUFFY CHRESTOMANCI FAMILY EPIC, and to be fair I was not expecting to write one either, but once I started, as often happens, I couldn't stop. I don't think anyone guessed me as the writer for this, which makes a nice change from last year when I was hilariously called out in the very first comment. Secrecy IS possible!

I also wrote The Rule of Cool, a Gravity Falls treat for [personal profile] sotto_voce, with shout-outs to Community and a few other things.

I've always wanted to write a Yuletide treat for Lexie, because she writes SO MUCH every year and I feel like she deserves a million treats in response! So finally a prompt of hers came along that I actually had inspiration for, and I jumped on it. I did it at the last minute in like three hours so it is not, er, the most nuanced thing I have ever written, but . . . it has ladyfriendship and velociraptors, so that's something?

Lexie maaaay have guessed me on this one, I'm not sure! Let me know, Lexie, I was cracking up when your comment came through.

Many thanks to all my betas, including [personal profile] innerbrat, [ profile] izilen, [profile] wickedtrue, [personal profile] genarti, [personal profile] saramily, [personal profile] shati, and [ profile] arushindoll. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

I'm still working my way through the archive, veeeeery slowly. Someday there will be a recs post. SOMEDAY. But I'm determined to do it, because I want to rec everything I betaed, which was ALL AMAZING.

(PS: Thank you so much for my wonderful gifts, Ione and Alona! I don't know where you are on LJ/DW, but if you're reading this, HI, YOU'RE BOTH AMAZING! Come say hello, let's be friends!)


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