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Hey! So you guys may remember Further Arguments In Support of Yudah Cohen's Proposal to Bluma Zilberman, a short story which I published in Diabolical Plots earlier this year.

If you liked this story, I have two pieces of good news:

a. You can now listen to it as an audio short from PodCastle

b. Also at PodCastle, you can also now read OR listen to a NEW related story, Shaina Rubin Keeps Her Head Under Circumstances Nobody Could Have Expected, in which Bluma's cousin Shaina is deeply embarrassed to discover herself in need of rescue from supernatural danger (especially if rescue comes in the form of annoying cousins)

Both of these stories should stand alone, for the record! I made very sure (thanks [personal profile] aberration!) to find a second reader who had not read the first one to test this.


This is Shaina Rubin, I think you all have a good sense of her personality now
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I have an original fantasy novella out today from The Fantasist, a new magazine which publishes (as you might guess) original fantasy novellas.

It's called Suradanna and the Sea and features trade routes, magical fertilizer, and one girl's centuries-long effort to impress a woman who is already in a committed relationship with a boat.
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My short story "Further Arguments In Support of Yudah Cohen's Proposal to Bluma Zilberman" is up today at Diabolical Plots!

Obviously death of the author and all that but nonetheless here are some word-of-God canonical facts:

1. Yudah's pronouns are he/him/his
2. Yudah is definitely much hotter than poor Hershel Schmulewitz (that blockhead)
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My short-short fiction piece, "There Are No Eaters Of Souls In America," is now up at Daily Science Fiction.

Fun fact: the protagonist in this story is named Hodel. Unrelatedly, I learned for the first time this weekend that Hodel was my great-grandmother's given name. I had always thought her name was Ada; apparently she didn't like Hodel, and took Ada because she thought 'Ada Adler' sounded elegant. Then, when she married, she talked my great-grandfather -- an Adler on his mother's side -- into ditching his father's last name and sticking with Adler so that she wouldn't have to give up her dream name.

Anyway all this is completely irrelevant to the story; my great-grandmother never immigrated to America and as far as I know she has had no communication with sea monsters of any kind.

(In other publication news, another story of mine, "Further Arguments in Support of Yudah Cohen's Proposal to Bluma Zilberman," will be appearing in Diabolical Plots next May, but that is quite a long time from now, so.)
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So I totally forgot to note when this happened, because I'm SUPER ON TOP OF THINGS, but my short-short magical realist story "Crowned" went up last month on Daily Science Fiction. If you happened to visit me any time between 2009 and 2011, you'll recognize the mural.

(In other news, for the next week I'm in Portland! Oregon, not Maine. It is deeply surreal not to be surrounded by snow.)
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Some exciting things:

1. I have a story appearing in an upcoming anthology! This one is a bit more niche than the other, but I know there at least a few of you for whom the words STEAMPUNK SHAKESPEARE are not entirely devoid of interest, in which case you should check out The Omnibus of Dr. Bill Shakes!

My story is basically a bit of Measure for Measure WITH CYBORGS. It is not much like my previous story Granada's Library, except that it's also an exploration of religion involving a steampunk nun, which is now a niche I feel pretty safe in saying I have down. Other aspiring steampunk nun chroniclers: BACK OFF. THIS IS MY TURF.

However if CYBORG MEASURE FOR MEASURE does not sound appealing -- which I do not blame you in the least if it does not, it's a weird play -- you also have Steampunk King Lear, Much Ado About Nothing, Julius Caesar, and Richard III to look forward to, among many others and also sonnets. They're taking pre-orders for the print run (which will be limited) over here, so if you're interested, speak now! (As an author, I also get a 40% discount on the cover price, which brings the hard copy price down to $12, so if you want to work that angle I am totally willing to facilitate that.)

2. And now switching over to my other career: I'm going to be spending the summer interning at Harvard Film Archive processing one of their collections! This is SUPER EXCITING. However it also requires some logistical wiggling, primarily, uh, a place to stay. I was originally supposed to be taking over my brother's lease in the summer, but he went and rented it out from under me, so hey, Bostonians, if any of you know of someone looking to sublet for the months of June and July, give me a heads-up, because I would very much appreciate any leads! I am a great and undemanding roommate, just ask [personal profile] innerbrat and [profile] rushin_doll. (I am also only interning four days a week, so I will probably be zooming back and forth to NYC many weekends.)
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I promised you guys a full post on Steam-Powered II: More Lesbian Steampunk Stories, right? I cannot and should not write my usual sort of unbiased review for this book, so instead you are going to get some information on each story and WHY IT IS AWESOME which will be extremely biased, but also very true. So, going down the table of contents!

Cut for length and gushing )
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Some quick things:

1. You can expect to hear more about this later for sure when I actually have time, but for those of you who have already heard enough about lesbian steampunk anthologies to want to acquire an e-copy or pre-order a physical copy RIGHT NOW: hey, now you can! :DDD

2. The reason I don't have time to post a longer entry on the above right now is because my grad program is running the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage event at MoMA tonight! We'll be presenting an awesome collection of neat film and video stuff from different organizations in New York -- footage from Tibet in the 1940s, coverage from the Gay Cable Network in the 1980s, oral history interviews, experimental film, ALL COOL -- and I also happen to have a spare ticket to give away, so if anybody is interested, let me know!

3. DID I MENTION YOU CAN ORDER STEAM-POWERED II NOW? (This is my dignified professional authorface, as you can clearly see.)
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I had been meaning to read Nisi Shawl's Filter House for ages, but did not actually get around to it until I came to the realization that it looked like I was actually going to be in an anthology with her and this was a sign that IT WAS TIME if anything was!

And man, I am now really glad for two reasons that she's appearing in Steam-Powered II, because it was an awesome kick in the pants to read these startling, gorgeous stories. I kept turning pages and thinking 'all right, this one is my favorite,' and then I'd turn a page and like the next one just as well, and then I would think 'WELL SO MUCH FOR THAT PLAN.' (But for the record, my actual favorites were "Wallamelon," "The Raineses'," "The Water Museum," and "The Beads of Ku.")

Brief reviews by story )

In other Steam-Powered news: hey, I have an interview up at Jaymee Goh's excellent steampunk blog Silver Goggles about it! Jaymee - who also has a great story in the collection - is putting up an interview every other day, and they are ALL GREAT. Or, for the condensed version, go over to to read the roundtable discussion.

(I think Nicole Kohrner-Stace wins the Best Summary award. MIDWIFE VS. PINKERTONS. I would read that story! - oh wait I already did and it was awesome. :D BUT SO WAS EVERYTHING ELSE.)
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So hey guys! You remember how last year I reviewed Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories?

Well, it is going to have a sequel, which I will probably not be able to review in any kind of unbiased way, because . . . I will be in it! My story is called "Granada's Library" and it is full of TRAGEDY and REVOLUTION and LOVERS TORN APART BY OPPOSING BELIEFS, except actually it is mostly full of books and nice middle-aged ladies wondering what is with the young people these days.

So this is pretty exciting for me, but more exciting for you guys (and a better reason for you to buy it) is all the other fantastic people who have stories in there. Check out this awesome table of contents! I can personally vouch for [ profile] genarti's story "Journey's End" because, well, I edited it. (Spoiler: it's totally awesome.)


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