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I was supposed to do five favorite anime/manga for [personal profile] cinaed on the 14th, a full week behind on my December meme posts! I am shamed. :( ALSO this is a hard question to answer. Five? Only five?!

OK, I can muster up a pretty clear top five, but I refuse to rank them! REFUSE. Here goes:

- Revolutionary Girl Utena was not actually my first anime (that was Evangelion, about which I have now forgotten most of everything) but it was definitely one of my most ... confusingly formative. And it's so good! So often inexplicable, but so good! Just such an amazingly incisive and scathing condemnation of everything that is toxic about gender roles and savior complexes, wrapped in twelve layers of metaphor and boxing kangaroos.

- and Princess Tutu was my fourth anime! I started out strong, well done self. Perhaps part of the reason I love it so much is because it is in direct conversation with Utena, and not arguing with it exactly but providing a different slant -- a less brutal but no less incisive look at the kind of stories that shape people, and how they do it. Also it's SO ADORABLE. EVERYTHING IS ADORABLE.

- meanwhile Fullmetal Alchemist, in a different category, is emphatically my favorite shonen. It's a theoretically straightforward quest story, which is actually a nuanced exploration of sacrifice, responsibility and loss, dealing solidly along the way with issues of genocide and national guilt and national healing. Also, Hiromu Arakawa is one of the most charming mangaka that exists IN THIS WORLD.

- rivaled only perhaps by Yumi Tamura, author of 7 Seeds! I am a little bit obsessed with 7 Seeds, a post-apocalyptic manga that manages to be incredibly brutal and incredibly optimistic and INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS all at once, because Yumi Tamura's character development is a beautiful, complex thing and Yumi Tamura's plotting and worldbuilding are like Jurassic Park on crack. "And then we found these things in the desert and poured water on them and it turned out they were DEHYDRATED DINOSAURS!"

- I don't actually know enough about Naoki Urasawa himself to know if he is charming? Anyway, 20th Century Boys is my other all-time favorite manga, about ... a bunch of people running around to thwart the apocalypse! This wasn't an intentional theme. Anyway what it's really about is the way that the things that absorb you as a child do and don't continue to affect you as you grow up, and the power of things like music and stories, for good and for ill (also perhaps a theme running through this list, OK, I never said I wasn't predictable.)

OK THERE THAT'S FIVE. Honorable mentions go to Baccano!, Gokusen and the first 200 or so chapters of Skip Beat! as well probably as several other things I am forgetting. (I can safely leave Twelve Kingdoms off the list though because I like it best as a light novel series. SO THERE.)
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Every time I write a fic, I'm like, "this is it! This is the most self-indulgent fic I've ever written. Sorry for everything, world."

BUT NO. NO, this is it FOR ALL TIME, I'm fairly sure. Here it is, you guys: the most self-indulgent fic I have ever written.

Title: Five Times Kyoko Did Not Expect Fannish Shipping Explosions
Fandom: Skip Beat!, with forays into Utena, Harry Potter, Portal, Labyrinth, and Princess Tutu
Characters/Pairings: Kyoko/Ren and Kyoko/Kanae (says fandom), with Yashiro, Lory, and various OCs
Summary: Kyoko deals with the challenges of playing roles in a number of different adaptations.
Note: Warnings for the fact that fandom will ship anything, including incest, teacher/student, and human/killer artificial intelligence. Management would like to state for the record that this fic is not meant as endorsement of any of the things that fandom and/or the entertainment industry do within it.

1. Utena: Extravagant Adolescence )

2. Magical Boy Wizard Harry )

3. Portal: Aperture of Blood )

4. Labyrinth of Shadows )

5. Princess Tutu )
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Oh man, I have been looking forward to this one. [personal profile] kd7sov asked me for my top five love songs I associate with specific characters! This is my favorite way to listen to music, because I am an enormous dork with thirty vids in my head that I will never acquire the technical skills to make.

Cut for what turned out, unsurprisingly, to be long! )

YOUR TURN. Share with me the songs that you associate with your favorite pairings! Or anti-pairings or friendships or whichever, really. Anything goes!
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[ profile] moonyazu9 asked me for my top five animated animals. This is actually easier than most of these top fives, as there are a few that come to mind pretty instantly.

Adorable animated animals under the cut! )

And now, oh flist, it is your turn to bring to me your favorite animated animals! Preferably with screencaps, because I'm sure it will be useful to someone on some bad day to have a handy link to a comments page entirely filled with adorable and/or hilarious animated critters, and that someone may well be me.
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So I guess it is Yuletide reveal time! First of all: thank you forever to [ profile] genarti, [ profile] areyoumymemmy, [ profile] newredshoes, [ profile] batyatoon and [ profile] dictator_duck for various levels of betaing and support and handholding; y'all are awesome.

For my original assignment, I wrote Etude: Composition, a postcanon fic which has the dubious distinction of being the only Princess Tutu story that I am aware of to incorporate the phrase "Aliens Made Them Do It." For this, I am sorry. (Sort of.) It's also postcanon Fakir-tries-to-write-Duck-back-to-a-girl fic, which I once swore I would never do and therefore am somewhat sheepish about, but I have to admit was a total guilty pleasure to write.

Then, feeling a little worried that ambiguous genre-play might not in fact be what my original recipient was hoping for out of her Yuletide Princess Tutu fic, I also wrote the treat Entr'acte, a small and relatively fluffy piece about the changing dynamic between Fakir and Duck set right after the end of the first season.

My other Madness treat was Catherine's Fairy-Tail, a ridiculously wordy Northanger Abbey ficlet that really is just a prologue to a greater unwritten story - I saw an amazing prompt for Catherine getting to have real gothic/fantasy adventures, and wanted desperately to write something for it, and realized very quickly that if I kept going it would end up a MILLION YEARS long. So maybe I will come back to this over the course of the next year.

Lastly, in other travesties for which I am not really sorry, my other full-length story (for a pinch-hit) was The Barkosigan Saga: Mirror Dog. Hilariously, this is by far the most popular Yuletide fic I have ever written, but I can't really claim any credit for it - my recipient jmtorres came up with the brilliant idea to do a Vorkosigan episode of Wishbone, the 90's television show of my childhood heart about a Jack Russel terrier enacting great works of literature, and I just elaborated. (Well, and picked Mirror Dance specifically, which may make it extra special, but hey - I watched a lot of Wishbone to research for this story, and if they can do Count of Monte Cristo without killing anyone off, I can absolutely do a G-rated Mirror Dance.)

Also hilariously, the day that I snatched up this particular pinch-hit, [ profile] genarti signed online and said "Hey, Becca, I saw a pinch-hit on the list that reminded me of you!" This is probably proof that Gen knows me too well. (To be strictly fair, she was actually talking about jmtorres' other request, which was a really cool Girl Genius prompt that I probably would have written if I had had time to bone up more on canon.)

AND SPEAKING of [ profile] genarti: it seems it has become a tradition with us that on the occasions I kidnap her, it is time to watch RIDICULOUS THINGS. This time around: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie! In which former Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi plays this guy:

For a lengthy writeup, see over here. All I can tell you is that watching this was an AMAZING LIFE DECISION.
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This is probably a bad idea, but it's a Friday and it's very quiet at work and I've still got subversive meta shojo on the brain, SO: give me a character that I know, and I'll write 2-3 sentences about their experiences in Ohtori Academy and/or their experiences in Gold Crown Town.
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I have not forgotten about my Top Fives! [ profile] littledust asked me for my Top Five BFF moments in fiction, which is a NIGH-IMPOSSIBLE REQUEST. So, fair warning: I am going to blatantly cheat. I am also going to babble a lot about dorky feelings. Stoic types who are embarrassed by this may wish to turn back here! I won't hold it against you.

Top five totally platonic BFF moments in fiction! And then a few more. Because I can. HUGE SPOILERS for Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Great Escape, Kamikaze Girls, Otherland, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Twelve Kingdoms; minor spoilers for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Princess Tutu, Twentieth Century Boys, Chronicles of Chrestomanci )

And wow, that was the longest meme-answer ever. SORRY EVERYONE.

Anyway, while I am on the topic of memes, and also friendship, and also ~feelings~ - I never remember to do or check anonymeme things! So I was shocked and astounded to find my name up at meloukhia's anonymous love meme. To whoever those people were, thank you; I am beaming all over my stupid face right now. I MAY NEVER STOP.
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[ profile] littledust asked me for . . . okay, for a bunch of things, which I will get to in due course, but the first thing she asked me for was my top five Magical Girls!

Which is an awesome request, but sadly the problem is that I haven't actually seen that many magical girl shows yet, and all the ones I have seen are subversions or meta-examinations to some extent. So . . . uh, you can have my top one-and-a-half! Which are also my only one-and-a-half, but that makes them no less awesome.

1.5 magical girls, rounded out with three magical girl shows I WOULD watch, if they existed. )

Okay, so - as my ignorance has been all too clearly displayed, if I were to further my education into the magical girl genre, what should I be watching? (Pretear is already on my list just by virtue of having been made by some of the same people as did Princess Tutu.)
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Top Fives continued: [ profile] blacksheep91 asked me for my top five Princess Tutu fics. Normally I would do this in a comment rather than a whole post, but sneakily I am also hoping to get some recs out of it for myself.

Five(ish) Princess Tutu fic recs )

So guys, if you wanted to toss me your favorite Princess Tutu fic that I tragically left off this list, that is something I would definitely appreciate!

Also, while on the topic of fic - sjk;djfdsa okay so, as of a week in, we have 24 signups for [ profile] fma_ladyfest (not counting ourselves, since . . . we're not actually sure that we count, in this case). I am kind of unreasonably excited about this, given that when we first came up with the idea [ profile] genarti and I were fully prepared to be exchanging stories for a two-person ficathon.

You can also consider this your mid-signups reminder that there's one week left before signups close. The post to sign up is over here, and while Gen and I may not be doing any more dances together due to being in different cities, I can assure you guys that I at least will continue to chairdance in a highly undignified fashion for every new person who joins.
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For pretty much every request on the Fannish Top Fives, you can take it as a given that my reaction falls affectionately somewhere on the spectrum between "you know well how to play to the judge" and "YOU ARE ALL WEIRDOS." *laughing*

Okay, Top Fives #1, from [ profile] nevacaruso: top five crossover characters you'd like to see Akio seduce, and why. (So basically, after going quite happily for several years without posting at all about Akio's seduction habits, this journal has apparently become ALL AKIO SEDUCTION, ALL THE TIME. I am sorry! I promise after this no more posts about Akio sexin' for a very long time.)

I limited myself for this to canons which I had not already written up in this dream crossover list, because redundancy! Which did help me narrow it down a little.

Images are occasionally shirtless but as worksafe as anything involving Akio! )

. . . . so yeah, I'm done. But feel free to contribute your own top lolarious Akio seduction!
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I am back from a fabulous and productive weekend! Despite dire predictions - okay, mostly mine - we have all survived. (Look, I had reason to be worried, okay? LOOK AT THIS EVIDENCE )

I still say it's a miracle we made it; also that I would do it again in a heartbeat.)

In other news: all of a sudden Revolutionary Girl Utena is a thing that is all over my flist again! This pleases me, and therefore, instead of catching up on booklogging as I should, I have instead decided to present you with:

The Top Ten Revolutionary Girl Utena Crossovers That Don't Exist But Should (Unless They Do Exist And Nobody Linked Me To Them, In Which Case, Fail, World!)

10. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Harry Potter: Because I firmly believe that Dumbledore and Akio had a passionate affair back in the '50s and have been exchanging letters ever since about the challenges of running a school that is 95% focused on the character development of a special chosen one, and the aggravating necessity of having 'other students.'

9. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Jonathan is a prime candidate for the special Ohtori exchange program! (And Faith is a prime candidate for pulling Buffy's heartsword. if you know what I mean.)

8. Revolutionary Girl Utena/High School Musical/Glee: Speaking of special exchange programs . . . the only thing that Utena is missing is a musical episode. (Alternately, imagine one of the duel songs as performed by a cheery Disney chorus. AMMONITE!)

7. Revolutionary Girl Utena/The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: The funniest part would be that, due to the rules of the metanarrative, Haruhi would never figure out that there was anything at all out of the ordinary about this school, even while Yuki and Anthy were fighting an epic emotionless laser-glasses battle in the background.

6. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Baccano!: Basically I just think that Isaac and Miria need to cameo in everything ever. They're dangerous duellists! Yeah! Dangerous!

5. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Ugly Betty: You know you want to see Akio trying to seduce Daniel too. - okay, maybe you don't actually want to see it. But you want to see Betty's face when she finds out! ("DANIEL," she says, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT'S BEEN.")

4. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Ouran High School Host Club: Because Tamaki and Touga's Prince Character-Off would be a thing of greater beauty than words can really express, and so would Nanami and Renge's Evil Laugh-Off.

3. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Leverage: After a phone call from a distraught Kanae about her cheating power-abusing fiance, Nate smirks, adjusts his sunglasses, and says, "Let's go steal a duel." LITTLE DOES HE KNOW.

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Princess Tutu: Mytho and Dios ARE THE SAME PERSON. I don't think I need to say more.

1. Revolutionary Girl Utena/What Not To Wear: Someone. Please. COME SAVE THESE POOR CHILDREN FROM THEMSELVES.

Feel free to suggest more! OR TO LINK ME if any of these actually exist. :D
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Admit it, you missed me spamming you with five zillion Tutu icons, didn't you! Although actually this time around it is only 70% Tutu icons . . . and 30% my first, shameful attempts at Middleman icons. MORE ALMOST CERTAINLY TO COME.

Most of these are bases, but feel free to add or modify however you would like to turn them from 'generic' into 'awesome'. I only ask that if you do, you come back and show me because I am terribly curious!

Princess Tutu icons )

Middleman icons )


Jul. 14th, 2009 11:11 am
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A couple weeks back, [ profile] genarti, [ profile] rushin_doll and I went to go see Swan Lake at the Metropolitan Opera.

First of all, it was 100% amazing and I am now totally bitten by the ballet bug - which I can already tell is going to be a tragically expensive passion, but I DON'T CARE. The swan chorus: beautiful! Odette dancing her transformation into a swan: insanely beautiful! Villainous Von Rothbart being a total pimp with all of Siegfried's ladies and Siegfried's mom and then literally SMOKEBOMBING his way out of the scene: insanely HILARIOUS! (And, uh, that is not even factoring in how I was clutching Gen's arm every ten minutes hissing "that's the music from the bit that Kraehe dances to with Mytho! And that's from the bit that Tutu does her solo to, and HEY LOOK that's the exact choreography oh man!" I am not proud of being that ridiculously obsessed, but Princess Tutu remains my One True Fictional Love at this point in time and I can't help it.)

Anyway, after seeing the show, I had an overwhelming urge to reread Mercedes Lackey's retelling, The Black Swan, which I first read during my Lackey-devouring phase as a thirteen-year-old. Basically, the story of The Black Swan is "It's Swan Lake . . . IF ODILE WAS AN AWESOME YA-STYLE HEROINE AND SAVED THE DAY. Also I guess Siegfried has a story of personal redemption somewhere in there too."

To be honest I didn't care much about Siegfried's story of personal redemption or his evil mother or his and Odette's true love, which is kind of shoehorned into the last hundred pages anyways. I wanted the whole book to be about Odile bonding with Odette! And learning about the ~*~power of friendship!~*~ And, you know, enough of it was that I was happy.

It was also super fun reading it right after seeing the show - Lackey spends a lot of time describing set pieces that are taken straight from the traditional ballet's stage settings. The lake itself is the big one ("and there is this GIANT DRAMATIC CLIFF right next to the lake! Funny how that is!") but the party scene with all of the visiting princesses doing their national dances is also pretty notable.

(It did not, however, give me many Princess Tutu associations - the two stories are both working off Swan Lake, obviously, but taking it in completely different directions. Um, unsurprisingly.)
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Tonight is Passover! I am having a mini-seder with my mom - my first actual seder in four or five years, since I was not so much a Hillel girl in college - which will be expanded into a slightly bigger belated seder this weekend when my dad comes up from Philly and we actually cook instead of making soup-from-a-box. I am kind of looking forward to both, really, and they are guaranteed to be more fun than the highly stuffy huge-extended-family restaurant seder I get to skip by being in New York! I enjoy some extended-family holidays, but this is a little too huge and formal for my tastes, and also most of those relatives are significantly more religious than my immediate, highly Reform family.

(Becca: All right, so we've got the matzoh and the parsley and haroset supplies and all, but do we have a Haggadah?
Beccamom: Yes! I downloaded one from The Velveteen Rabbi! :D
Becca: . . . seriously?

Sometimes, my mom is awesome.)

Other things that are awesome: dancing! After a regency/Victorian historical dance class this weekend I am yet again determined that I need to find a new dance class to take ASAP, because my last one was in November and that is too long ago. In honor of this I also read the ballet book that [ profile] genarti lent me last time I was in Boston, for . . . . no reason at all and certainly not any reason related to a ballet-tastic anime um, Walter Terry's The Ballet Companion: A Popular Guide for the Ballet Goer. Um, I would probably not call it the definitive work on ballet - for one thing, it is very much an overview of the 'these are what tutus look like!' 'this is what a composer does!' 'there was one great ballerina and one great composer of this era and this is who they are!' type, and for another it was written in the sixties, and it shows to a hilarious degree. (The author is very proud of our great living composer Stravinsky, for example.) It is so cute how enthusiastic he is, though! My favorite bit is the one where he is like "and so sometimes, as a dance reviewer, I have to go to FIVE performances of Swan Lake in a weekend, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, IT IS STILL AWESOME. Because all dancing is unique! :D :D :D"

Also, embarrassingly, I have learned that my Tutu obsession is still great enough that even a passing reference to certain pieces of music is enough to cause scenes like this to occur:

Walter Terry: And the ballet composed to "The Dying Swan" is a wonderful example of -
Becca: Ruuuuuuuuuue!
Irritated Subway-goers: Why is that girl too busy clutching her book with one hand and her heart with the other to keep her balance!
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In two days, my access to Photoshop is going to be severely limited. Therefore . . . insane dump of Tutu icons ahoy!

Um, looking at these, I feel that I should disclaim that I only ever mock because I love. Yes, Autor and evil Mytho too!

Also, people are totally free to add text or modify any of these as they choose - though if you do add text I'm always curious to see!

Many many icons under the cut! Some spoilery )
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I certainly don't have any kind of ulterior motive for posting these right now. (It is way, way too easy to get carried away by the prettiness of this show.) Tutu icons - Into the Woods text, random text, animated, and about a million bases - under the cut! )
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[ profile] rymenhild and I spent a good chunk of the way back from Rochester passing our iPods back and forth in an attempt to compile Princess Tutu playlists, because we are giant dorks. She posted her gorgeous playlist the other day, so now it is my turn! Thanks to [ profile] rymenhild and [ profile] genarti both for suggestions. (Some of you will notice that a few of these songs made it onto the 'ten songs I am really into right now' list that I posted a week or so back. This . . . is not coincidence.)

Mukashi mukashi . . . )
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So that whole 'making Princess Tutu icons has become a minor addiction' thing?

Yeah. Um. Second set! Slightly more organized this time.

Into the Woods, miscellaneous, animated, bases )
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So, uh. As you guys have realized by now, I have become mildly obsessive about Princess Tutu. And apparently when I am obsessive about something I make five million icons! So: this is the first batch, involving some crossover Into the Woods icons and many many bases. There will undoubtedly be more.

Many many icons under the cut! )


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