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Last December meme post! [personal profile] ambyr asked me how I prioritize the books I read next.

There are a bunch of factors that I tend to juggle in terms of book prioritization, including but not limited to:

- what is due back at the library in the immediate future?
- what are people waiting for me to read so I can talk about it with them?
- what has been sitting accusingly on my shelf that I can no longer ignore?
- am I feeling kind of sad and in need of something fluffy that I know I'll like?
- am I feeling like I've been reading lots of fluff lately and should switch over to something more serious?
- when was the last time I read something nonfiction? ... seriously, that long ago? come on, self, get on that!
- how desperate am I to find out what happens next in this series?
- do I need to read the sequel before I feel ready to have opinions about this?
- do I feel like this may result in a really hilarious DW entry?
- how heavy a book do I feel like lugging around for the foreseeable future?

If you put all these factors together you could probably figure out some kind of complex algorithm for why I read what I read when, I guess. I do have a to-read shelf comprised mostly of library books and new or borrowed books at the ready for me, and mostly I just grab stuff from there as I'm running out the door. I tend to be a serial monogamist when it comes to literature -- I don't like reading multiple books at once, jumping around between books confuses me -- and I also don't like leaving books unfinished because then I feel like the book has BEATEN ME. So when I pick something, I have to be pretty sure that I'm going to be OK sticking to that book until I'm through with it. This is why I'll often go through the shorter and lighter books on my to-read shelf first, and the books that require more commitment tend to wait until I've winnowed down the competition.

(I do often read books on Kindle also, but unless there's a reason to prioritize them immediately -- like it's a digital library book, or lots of people are already talking about it, or I really need that particular piece of comfort reading right then -- I'll usually wait and save up Kindle books so I have them ready when I'm going on a trip and don't want to pack physical books with me.)

This is an interesting question! How do you guys pick the books you read next, what factors tend to be relevant?
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If I make three posts today, I can finish up the December meme still in December! We'll ... see if that happens. Anyway, I was supposed to talk for [personal profile] umadoshi about one musical whose production I would like to direct/consult on and what I would like to see done with it.

Two days ago this would have been a very difficult question to answer (or at least narrow down to one) but FORTUNATELY between then and now [personal profile] genarti and I have come up with a BRILLIANT IDEA for a production of Guys and Dolls in which the character of Sky Masterson is a woman.

The great thing about this is that this would make my job (as director/consultant) SO EASY because you basically don't have to change anything at all, but suddenly everything grows all these fascinating edges! By magic!

I mean first of all just pause for a moment to imagine Sky Masterson, dashing and devil-may-care lesbian gambler, in the sharpest suit and hat ill-gotten gains can buy, who always manages to play with the best because luck's always on her side, and sigh a little to yourself because of JUST HOW HOT she would be. You're welcome.

OK, but then Nathan's bet with Sky -- that Sky has to seduce a nice girl, a religious girl -- and Sarah swearing that she plans to fall in love with a nice, upright moral man, and Sky lying to save Sarah's reputation, and then beating twelve gangsters in a row at dice so that they'll all go to a religious revival with her - it all gets at least five more layers, and could keep everything that's great about Guys and Dolls, INCLUDING the fabulous costumes. In fact, if I were directing, they would just raid Capital Scandal's costume closet. Floral fedoras for everyone!

(Lucy Liu as Sky Masterson? I don't know if Lucy Liu can even sing. But let's pretend she can so that we can all pause to imagine LUCY LIU AS SKY MASTERSON. Alternate fan casting also accepted.)

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I got my Yuletide fic! It is a TWELVE THOUSAND WORD long Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun fic about the GSNK drama club putting on Hamlet, which is such a shining glory of a premise that I would already feel blessed even if it did not feel exactly like an episode of the show, WHICH IT DOES.

With Pen and Prop

“Then you may like Hamlet! It also has tragic love!” Kashima proclaimed happily. “And a lot of people die!”

(I don't think I've talked previously here about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? I probably should make a post on it at some point; it's an anime that came out earlier this year that feels pretty much exactly Ouran High School Host Club filtered through an extra layer of JOKES ABOUT THE WRITING PROCESS, so naturally I love it.)

It looks like I also have a Yuletide treat as-yet unrevealed so more glory probably awaits! In the meantime: December meme, [personal profile] coyotegoth's request for the 20th, one movie I think everyone should see and why.

This is even harder than a book I think everyone should read, because IN ADDITION to finding it difficult to say 'everyone should' in general, I also don't tend to have anywhere near the same level of strong feelings about movies that I do about books. They're just too short! I experience them for a span of two hours, and then that's it and I go about my life. Unless I end up seeing a movie multiple times for whatever reason, it's rare for a film to make an enormously huge impact on me.

(I know. I'm a film archivist. I know. To be fair, these days I tend to do a lot more work with television and video.)

So ... I'm going to leave aside 'should,' because I don't really believe in the 'should, but there is one movie that I will do my own personal level best to force almost anybody who comes into contact with me to see who hasn't seen it already, 'should' or not. Original Broadway Cast Into the Woods! BECAUSE IT'S BEAUTIFUL, BIZARRE PERFECTION. I can only see this habit of mine increasing in the many days, weeks and years to come after ... whatever this movie is that came out tonight. (I am seeing it on Friday, en masse, with my family. If you happen to hear Extremely Loud Opinions About The Into the Woods Movie being shouted from somewhere to the northeast, it is probable that they came from us.)
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For the 17th, for the December meme (so behind!) [personal profile] ceitfianna asked me about the top five books on my to-read list and why. usual, I don't know if this is top five really if one is grading empirically, but it's the top five I am thinking of at the moment and/or can see on my shelf!

1. The Lie Tree, Frances Hardinge

I don't even have any idea what this is about yet, I just know that NEW FRANCES HARDINGE COMES OUT IN MAY and I am PSYCHED. I loved her first book with a fiery passion and basically everything she's written since then has been consistently better (oh my god Cuckoo Song was SO GOOD!) and ... I know in theory someday this will not be true? But in practice I am going to JUMP ON THIS BOOK AND DEVOUR IT as soon as I can get it into my hands.

2. Species Imperative, Julie Czerneda

I read the first book in this trilogy a few months ago and I loved it! Excellent space opera with a solid female friendship at the heart of the series, a science protagonist who feels like she does actual science (she's a MARINE BIOLOGIST, not a XENOBIOLOGIST, why does everyone keep asking her about aliens?!), and interesting weird alien politics. So then I bought the omnibus so I could read the whole thing in a go ... but I haven't yet because the omnibus is too heavy and I keep balking at carrying it around. :( I outsmarted myself! I have a cunning plan though, I'm going to bring it with me on my vacation home and read it on the bus, and then just leave it in my suitcase the rest of the time. Species Imperative trilogy, I will conquer you!

3. Making it Big: The Diary of a Broadway Musical, Barbara Isenberg

This book has been surprisingly elusive; I've wanted to read it since I first heard about it, and I finally tracked it down at one of my local libraries. To the best of my knowledge it is an account of the DISASTER that was the making of the Broadway musical Big, which, a.) I love disastrous making-of accounts of theatrical and film performances and b.) I was in a disastrous production of Big, when I was in middle school (ok, it was not actually that disastrous except inasmuch as all productions of Big are inherently disastrous, BUT STILL) and I am really looking forward to the schadenfreude. I can only hope it's as magical as Song of Spiderman.

4. Sorcerer to the Crown, Zen Cho

Zen Cho has just sold her first full-length novel -- it comes out sometime next September, I think -- and I AM EMBARRASSINGLY EXCITED. Zen calls the genre "postcolonial fluff for book nerds," which is exactly my favorite sort of fluff, and it's set in the magic 1800s and stars London's first black Sorcerer Royal. Zen says, "It has secret dragons and schoolgirl hijinks and confrontations at balls and bossy witch aunties. It’s even got pontianak, because why not." WHY NOT INDEED. Anyway I assume now you all have heard this you are all as excited as I am!

1. Fish Tails, Sheri S. Tepper

I am not ... 'top' is not exactly the right word here. I did not willingly put this book on my to-read list. Fate, helped along by the cruel hands of [personal profile] varadia, has thrust it upon me. For the record, this is Sheri Tepper's latest. It is a combined sequel to the one where the heroine lays eggs that turns into cephalopod merbabies and the ones with the D&D superpowers and the secret underground mountain full of evil disabled people. It is SEVEN HUNDRED PAGES LONG and Lynne gave it to me for my holiday present, because she wants to laugh at me and my suffering and she KNOWS that now it's in my hands I won't be able to resist.
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For my December meme post for the 14th, [personal profile] lnhammer asked 'which witch?'

There is really only one possible answer here:

Fortunately, by the metafictional nature of the beast, this witch does in fact represent all witches. I know what my decision is, which is not to decide!
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In other news I have gotten quite behind on my December meme posts! I was supposed to do most and least favorite adaptations of books for [personal profile] thady on the twelfth, but this whole weekend got eaten by holiday parties, so we'll just pretend that's today.

It's a hard question to answer though! Can I cheat and count Much Ado About Nothing as a book, even though it's a play? Because the Kenneth Branagh/Emma Thompson Much Ado is so near and dear to my heart, and so VERY MUCH my formative Much Ado, that it's really difficult for me to accept any other adaptations -- even though it has flaws! So many flaws! Kenneth Branagh cut out all of Hero's best bits of dialogue, I know, it's an awful thing, and yet! THE WORLD MUST BE PEOPLED.

Also the Christopher Eccleston Revenger's Tragedy, which if we're talking about INCREDIBLY BIZARRE adaptations of early modern theater is my favorite hands down. One of these days I'm going to picspam this DW mercilessly with screenshots from that film, and then maybe you'll all understand. MAYBE.

Oh, OK, one more thing: I haven't actually seen this yet, so it's definitely cheating, but just the fact that there EXISTS an anime adaptation of A Little Princess that's a space opera about Sarah piloting a giant mecha is ... how can I put this? The knowledge of its existence is a balm to my soul.

As for least favorites ... can we also count books adapted into other books? Because ye gods, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. YE GODS. YOU WERE SO TERRIBLE, AND YOU UNLEASHED SO MANY HORRORS.

This is a fun topic, though. I encourage everyone to come rant about least favorite adaptations, should you feel so inclined!
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[profile] alassa_irena asked me about a place I would like to go for the December meme,, and -- well, I mean, lots of places, SO MANY places, but if I could pick one place and one place alone --

-- okay, I'm down to the wire for getting this post in while it's still technically the 10th, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?


I had to google 'Welsh book town' to find these, because I knew it existed but I couldn't remember the name of it. It turns out the name of it is Hay-on-Wye. I WANT TO GO THERE. The dream is real.
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Another day, another December meme post: [personal profile] metaphortunate asked me to talk about one thing in my life that I would most like to do that I think is impossible.

...OK the embarrassing thing about this answer is that I'm pretty sure it's Anne McCaffrey's fault, and specifically it's the fault of Dragonsdawn, which is ... not a good book, it's VERY MUCH not a good book, in fact it's in many ways a TRAUMATIZING book (NO SALLAH NO HE'S IN LOVE WITH ROCKS), but ever since I read it at the age of like ten I have really wanted to move to another planet. It would be so cool! It would be SO COOL. Like, the idea of the sense of wonder you'd get from that is overwhelming. This isn't about space, I don't actually care (I know, blasphemy, I'm sorry!) all that much about space, I've never dreamed about being in a spaceship really, in fact the idea kind of freaks me out. But being on a different planet, something totally outside of the entire range of experience on Earth, and trying to build something there -- there's something about that idea that activates my sense of wonder to the max.

And the thing is it is, like, maybe actually possible that within my lifetime, moving to another planet will be hypothetically possible. Like, what do I know? In fifty years maybe generation shipping it out will be a thoroughly feasible option. (Maybe it'll even look like the best option, or in fact the only option, but, uh, that's a depressing road to go down so let's veer away from that.) And when I was younger I would always sigh and be like, "but I have no useful skills that would make me a candidate anyway!" but ... I kind of have a semi-useful skill now, actually? EARTH-TWO WILL NEED ARCHIVISTS.

But as an adult, even if it was offered to me as an option right now, if it was possible in all external senses today, I know I couldn't go; it's not the externals that make it impossible, it's the internals. Because the thing is, I have family and friends and a network of people I value a lot, and I know that when it comes down to it, I am completely not the kind of person who's willing to give that emotional network up for the idea of adventure and a sense of wonder. There are times when I wish I was that kind of person because then I would probably have a more adventurous life! But most of the time I'm pretty OK with it.

Man, it's personal confession o'clock I guess, if anyone else wants to talk about impossible things you would like to do then please come make me feel less embarrassed!
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I was supposed to write about my current feelings about Les Mis for [personal profile] melannen on the 6th for the December meme, but instead I was at a bachelorette party in Atlantic City and the hotel didn't have free internet, which means you are spared the prospect of me attempting to answer this question after having drunk several shots of vodka.

Ugh, this is very long and full of petty complicated personal feelings and MIGHT AS WELL have been written drunk anyway )
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December 4th! [personal profile] the_rck asked me about one book I think everyone should read, which is a question I'm having a lot of trouble answering. People are so different! There are very, very books I would actually recommend universally. And even the books that I think almost everyone would like doesn't mean I think everyone should read them. VALUE JUDGMENTS ARE DIFFICULT. Like, I do think Howl's Moving Castle, for ex., is almost universally charming to some degree but I don't need it to be imposed on a high school curriculum!

...that's a good way to think about this, though, I guess. What books would I put on a curriculum, if I were designing one? Here's a few uncategorized options:

The Steerswoman, Rosemary Kirstein, because as well as being a good book it's a really useful way of understanding the scientific method

The History of White People, Nell Irvin Painter, because hey, let's start thinking about whiteness as a socially constructed race like everything else and not as a default template, thanks

The Stories of Ibis, Hiroshi Yamamoto, because yes, let's talk about sociology and humanity and relationships in the digital age, hypothetical high school classroom, let's do it!

Black Maria, Diana Wynne Jones (or Aunt Maria, depending on your edition), because OF COURSE I'm putting a Diana Wynne Jones book in my hypothetical classroom curriculum. "But why Black Maria, you don't even agree with most of Black Maria, it's full of bizarre gendered weirdness!" you may say, to which I say, "YES, ABSOLUTELY, LET'S ALL READ IT AND PICK IT APART AND TALK ABOUT IT." :D?

...uh, I don't think this really answered the question that was asked at all. Apologies!
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For the third day of the December meme, [personal profile] saramily wanted to know what it is about terrible High School Musical-esque movies that makes us love them so.

Now, for the record, [personal profile] saramily was there when I watched High School Musical 1 and 2. It was 2009, we were in [personal profile] shati's basement, and we had all had MUCH TOO MUCH SUGAR to even begin to cope with the rapidly increasing surreality of these films. By the time we hit the point where Ashley Tisdale kidnaps Zac Efron, takes him to a secret cave, and attempts to seduce him by attacking him with sparkly fish costumes while he stares in increasingly traumatized horror --

You think I'm kidding? I'm not kidding.

-- ANYWAY, by this point we were all in what can only be described as an altered state of mind. Wisely or unwisely, we went to bed.

The next morning we woke up in horror.

EMMY: I dreamed about Zac Efron!
EMMY: He was my fiance and I had to introduce him to my parents!
BECCA: We were on a secret mission where we had to pretend to be married!
SHATI: I had insomnia. :(

So Shati was spared a mystical somnolent marriage to Zac Efron ... AT THAT TIME. HOWEVER. Three weeks later, we decided our lives would not be complete unless we watched High School Musical 3. Which we did. Over Skype.

The next morning:

SHATI: Guys, I had my Zefron dream! We had to sacrifice him to make the crops grow!
SHATI: In a way I think this means he symbolically married the world! :D?

...anyway. That was a long digression, which is not what Emmy actually asked me about, because she already knows the secret of how to summon Zac Efron on the astral plane for a ritual sacrifice. The actual question is WHY. Why did we feel so compelled to watch all three High School Musical movies? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE. IS IT RELATED TO HOW MUCH WE LOVE NEWSIES. (Yes, yes it is.)

And honestly, you know, I think there's a pretty simple answer: it's because a.) they are RIDICULOUS but b.) they are ridiculous without having a mean-spirited bone in their bodies. Like, lots of movies are ridiculous. Lots of movies are ridiculous with music. Take, like, Pitch Perfect, for example. Highly ridiculous! Certainly has its charms. But I can honestly say I will never have the deep affection for it that I do for High School Musical because Pitch Perfect (and Glee, and all those other self-aware teen musical extravaganzas) are straight-up mean in a lot of ways, while High School Musical is both hilarious and so earnest. We ARE all in this together! You CAN bet on Zac Efron or whoever you wish to bet on! The world will know, and the journal too! IT'S OK. Everything's OK.

...everything except the fish song. The fish song is not, in any universe or dimension, OK.

(But as a palate cleanser you can go watch the greatest musical seduction scene ever committed to film:

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December meme, Day 2: [personal profile] aquamirage asked me about moments in musical theater that fuck me up every single time!

I'm pretty sure she asked me this because at the time we were watching Into the Woods and I was complaining vociferously about the fact that they cut "No More" from the upcoming film (THEY CUT "NO MORE" FROM THE UPCOMING FILM, ARGH); as you all know I have many, MANY feelings about Into the Woods, but for whatever reason "No More" is the song that, in fact, fucks me up every single time. I think it's because there's no bombast to it; it's the total resignation that gets me.

In other really obvious news that is obvious, I always think I'm cool and totally over it as I sit down to see a production of Les Mis, and then the first chords of "Look Down" strike up and NO, NO, I WAS WRONG, I'M NOT COOL, I'M NOT COOL! ALL THE FEELINGS ARE BACK. I'm pretty sure it's not even anything specific about "Look Down," it's just a Pavlovian response! Pavlovian feelings! Hello, fourteen-year-old Becca, I see you're back again!

But, OK, let's try for something slightly less obvious. "I Don't Care Much," Cabaret -- that's another one where the total resignation of it is much more effective for getting me to feel a lot of complicated things than anything else would be. (The ending of Cabaret also really shakes me up if it's done right, but it's not always done right, and I've seen it done well enough often enough that a mediocre production won't do much for me except irritate me about the fact that it isn't better.)

A short list of other songs that make me feel feelings in shows, although not always the same feelings: "Easy as Life," Aida. The "Johanna" reprise that Sweeney Todd sings in Sweeney Todd. "Les Cloches" and "Liberes" from Notre-Dame de Paris. And, of course, ever and always, "Confrontation" from Jekyll and Hyde, a moment in musical theater that I CANNOT EXPERIENCE without getting totally fucked up with hysterical laughter. NO, NEVER! YES, FOREVER.
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My first December meme post! ... will be written up very quickly because of a series of unfortunate events this morning that involved me missing my scheduled bus back to Boston and then accidentally leaving my laptop charger behind in New York in the subsequent chaos. (I did eventually make it back to Boston, I am not stranded in Port Authority in the rest of my natural life, though it felt for a while like a near thing.) Therefore I have about three hours of laptop battery life to hoard until Friday when my charger and I will be gloriously reunited, which will make for an exciting week.

But that's not what I'm supposed to be talking about here, my topic for the first day of the December meme, as requested by [personal profile] applegnat, is a woman I love and why!

I have two obvious answers to this question, because they are two women who made the bedrock of who I am, and the first is my mom and the second is Diana Wynne Jones.

Why do I love my mom? I mean aside from the whole mom thing, it's because she just keeps doing impressive and incredible things, and has been president of this and honored by that and was the first woman to achieve a full professorship in her department, et cetera et cetera, and if you'd just heard about her in that context you would have quite a different image of her I think than the person she actually is, which is the version of her I usually write about and so you guys hear about, this enthusiastic dorky weirdo who'll get briefly and hilariously obsessed with terrible television shows, who invents robots with iPads for heads in her spare time, who turns everything hard that's happened into her life into a wacky story, which is a convenient way of processing emotionally difficult things that I have inherited and which I'm grateful for. I'm really quite a lot like my mom in a lot of respects, which I am sometimes conflicted about, but there a lot of ways in which I am very, very happy and lucky to be like her.

So that's my mom, who shaped the way I interact with myself, a lot of it. And then there's Diana Wynne Jones, who shaped the way I look at other human beings. I mean, I've said this before, but I do think that because of Diana Wynne Jones I learned early to love characters for all the ways in which they're not perfect, for all their flaws in personality and all the ugly thoughts they carry around. And that translates over well to loving real people, I think, loving them for the people that they are, not the people that you want them to be, and loving them for all the ways in which they're not perfect. Diana Wynne Jones isn't perfect either. I love her for that, too.
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OK, I'm not so far behind on my booklogging that this becomes super unwise, so ... why not, let's do this again!

December meme, pick a day and a topic and I will talk, you know the drill )
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FOR HER BIRTHDAY (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST NNYFACE!), [personal profile] nny asked me about what myths and fairytales and stories I grew up with.

I was going to start this out by saying I don't remember being told stories as a child, but now that I think about it, that's actually not true. My parents did tell me stories -- just not general sorts of myths or legends or fairy tales. They told me stories about themselves, their childhoods, and their parents. And, of course, in a very real way those stories were myths and legends and fairytales. My mother's mother, the one I never met -- who jumped into fountains to get pennies out for her children instead of throwing them in, who decided it would be fun to ride on top of a car instead of inside it and broke her leg, who invited an agoraphobic patient to live in her basement with his pet monkey as a kind of live-in babysitter, or so I was told -- was pretty much the trickster figure of my childhood, moreso than Loki or Hermes or Anansi. And I had not made that connection until just now, actually, and it's kind of a weird thing to realize.

So that was one kind of story I grew up with. As for the others, the myths and fairytales that people tend to think of, I bumped into them mostly the usual kind of way, and some less usual. Disney, of course -- I was exactly the right age for the Disney comeback era of the nineties, and very clearly remember The Little Mermaid taking preschool by storm. But I also remember watching Into the Woods when I was five or six, and subsequently watching it, like, ALL THE TIME. I think I must have known the stories by then that Into the Woods takes off of, because I must have known them in order to internalize the lesson that I very clearly did internalize -- that stories are always more complicated, both funnier and more serious, both more ordinary and more strange, than the first version that you hear. That stories are, first and foremost, full of real people, who fight about stupid things and are heroic in the weirdest ways. Into the Woods is a very foundational part of the way I've approached stories, always. (Diana Wynne Jones is of course a part of that too, but that's news to no one.)

And I got older, and read as many books of myths and legends as I could get my hands on, and as many books of everything else, too. I remember that I went through a phase where Rapunzel was my favorite fairy tale, for reasons beyond the recall of the current administration; then I went through a longer phase where Tam Lin was my favorite, for reasons that are pretty easy to target, thank you, Pamela Dean. But once you start getting into all the different books and stories I read and absorbed as a kid, that's a different question, and not, I think, the one that's being asked.

Oh, one last thing, though -- I was thinking, "wow, isn't it telling that all of the myths/legends/fairytales I'm thinking of are pretty British Isles and Brothers Grimm, and that I didn't hear about, say, golems or Chelm for so many years later?" But of course I did know religious stories, I knew about Moses and Noah, I had a short book with my name and my brother's name printed in it from some novelty printing website in which Rebecca and Ben Went on a Time-Traveling Adventure to Learn the Meaning of Hanukkah. I just didn't think about those when you asked about myths and legends and fairy tales, because in some weird way -- even though they TOTALLY ARE! - they don't fall into the myth and legend and fairy tale category in my head either. That's another thing about myself I hadn't realized.
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[personal profile] bookblather asked me about TRUE CRIME for December 7th, and at first I didn't think I had a ton to say about true crime, but that's a lie. It's true I don't read a ton of true crime books - I like discussions of historical crimes/mysteries and I will happily read them and talk about them if someone recommends them to me, but otherwise I don't usually think to pick them up. (And speaking of, if anyone has any great historical true crime books to recommend -- I'm ALL EARS. Eyes. Whatever.)

But I do intake a ton of true crime stuff, actually, because I work as a transcriptionist at a company that gets a lot of business from ABC 20/20, and 20/20 LOVES true crime -- the weirder and more sensational, the better.

I always feel a little guilty for being relieved whenever I get assigned the 20/20 stuff at work, because . . . like, sometimes I am listening to people talk about quite horrible things! But nonetheless it's the best option, because:

- guilty as I feel for getting interested in the salacious details . . . I do totally get interested in the salacious details, and it makes for an infinitely less boring shift than the mornings that I spend transcribing Financiers Talk About Tips For Balancing Your Asset Investments
- professional reporters interviewing people about weird crimes for sensational TV news specials UNDERSTAND HOW TO ENUNCIATE, and you have no idea how much easier that makes my life

But it's okay, because soon I will get to quit my transcription job! And so I will stop having to feel guilty about enjoying the days when my work consists of "TEEN BANK ROBBER COMPELLED TO JOIN HEIST BY EVIL FATHER! LET'S INTERVIEW HER IN PRISON!"
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First post for that December requested posts thing!

So [personal profile] bookblather asked me about my favorite crime-fighting duos, and the one that always jumps first into my head is not actually really much of a crime-fighting duo at all, except for one or two glorious episodes: Olive Snook and Emerson Cod from Pushing Daisies.

If you do not remember Pushing Daisies, it was that Brian Fuller show about a singing ex-jockey pie waitress and a cynical knitting detective who made pop-up books, and also a dude who raised people from the dead and his star-crossed love affair, I guess. I mean, look, we all loved Ned and Chuck, and I also loved Ned and Chuck, but would I have been just as happy -- or perhaps even happier -- with the Olive And Emerson Detective Agency Show? YES. YES I WOULD HAVE. And was I secretly enraged that the hasty wrap-up when the show was cancelled made it canonical that Olive did . . . something that I can't remember but that tragically was not partnering up with Emerson for the Olive And Emerson Detective Agency Show? YES. YES I WAS. Sorry, Brian Fuller, but your vision was INFERIOR.

Ummmm. What other crime-fighting duos do I love? I am not gonna talk about Elementary's Holmes and Watson because I feel like that's too obvious, and also though I still love Elementary I'm currently cranky at it for spending way too much time on Holmes Brother Drama that I don't care about. I just did a search for 'together they fight crime!' in my gmail to see what comes up, and I get:

Kyoko and Kanna from 20th Century Boys, who didn't actually do much crime-fighting together either, but whom I would desperately love to see fight crime together in future

Scar and Marcoh from Fullmetal Alchemist, who do not fight crime so much as fight . . . genocide . . . after Marcoh helped to commit it . . . and then tried to commit suicide-by-Scar and had his face melted instead . . . AND YES I DO WANT TO READ ABOUT THEIR CRIME-FIGHTING ADVENTURES, THANK YOU

Eva and Dieter from Monster, who I had totally forgotten until just now fought crime together for one SHINING MOMENT

Livia Levesque and Abishag Shaw from the Benjamin January books, who are never actually a crime-fighting duo in the Benjamin January books yet, but if they were it would be my FAVORITE Benjamin January book

Molly and Mohinder from Heroes, which, aww, sometimes I forget that once I cared about that tragically-canceled-after-a-first-season show

Harth Fray and Mary Lennox . . . about which it is probably better not to ask
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I probably shouldn't be doing this meme when I still have so many books from this year to write up, but it's too tempting to resist. So:

Pick a date below and give me a topic — it can be anything, from fandom-related to book-related to life-related to history-related to whatever you want.

They will probably be brief, or not, depending on the subject. Also, if you pick something that for whatever reason I don't want to talk about, I'll let you know so you pick something else!

Dates under the cut )

Request away! I AM AT YOUR DISPOSAL.
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I only have one scene left to do on this year's Yuletide, which I guess means it's my turn to procrastinate by doing that Meme of Yuletides Past!

Five years and fourteen ramblings under the cut! )

And that brings us to this year! Status: not bears, exactly. Maybe teddy bears? I'M SO CLOSE (and yet so far.)
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This is a meme Izzy did on tumblr. But I hate doing meme things on tumblr and LJ/DW is still my one true social media love! Also I find coming up with completely ridiculous summaries for fics I will never write hilarious. SO:

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School/College AU

(Fair warning, it's almost certainly gonna be title and summary, not fic-snippets, because I do not have time for actual writing things that aren't a.) novel or b.) due in the next month.)


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