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As a present for [personal profile] izilen, I wrote Another Country, the Dalemark/Oxford Time Travel crossover that nobody, not even [personal profile] izilen, actually asked for.

Ironically, features no actual time travel.
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So I was not going to post a Dear Doer of Darkness letter, because I put tons of information into my sign-up already, but then I remembered how much I enjoy reading other people's Dear Author letters and decided to do it after all!


First of all: I pre-emptively love you! From this very moment, I love you! You are great! I am incredibly excited to see whatever it is that you are going to put in my eyes and/or ears.

That is the most important part; everything else I'm going to say is just guidelines or suggestions, basically. In general -- and I think these are all pretty relevant to all my requests - I love team-building, and found families, and women being friends, and romantic partners who respect each other, and character development, society-building, especially when it involves people being responsible about government and politics and the world they live in.

I am definitely not opposed to darkness and serious themes, but I also love people having senses of humor, which is something that plays out in all these canons too!

7 Seeds )

Capital Scandal )

Sungkyunkwan Scandal )

Dragon of the Lost Sea )

Twelve Kingdoms )

And . . . I think that's it! HAVE FUN, awesome doer of darkness. I am so excited to see what you come up with!

(And if you haven't signed up for Kaleidoscope yet, there are still two days left in which to do so. :D)


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