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Today I took a lightning trip down to New York so my brother and I could take our parents to go see the Into the Woods Original Cast Reunion at BAM.

The show opened with the host asking who'd seen the original Broadway show ... OK, who saw the original and the 2002 revival ... okay, who saw the revival, the original, and the 2012 Shakespeare in the Park show ... yeah, OK. A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THE AUDIENCE, was the answer, so it's not like we're the only ones. (We had to stop raising our hands when they asked about last year's Roundabout production, which we never got to see, and the London production, which was maybe three people in the audience. Three out of five is not bad!)

This will all probably be extremely boring to anyone who does not care deeply about the original cast of Into the Woods. )
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We interrupt this Yuletide to bring you: SOME OPINIONS ABOUT THE INTO THE WOODS MOVIE )
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I got my Yuletide fic! It is a TWELVE THOUSAND WORD long Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun fic about the GSNK drama club putting on Hamlet, which is such a shining glory of a premise that I would already feel blessed even if it did not feel exactly like an episode of the show, WHICH IT DOES.

With Pen and Prop

“Then you may like Hamlet! It also has tragic love!” Kashima proclaimed happily. “And a lot of people die!”

(I don't think I've talked previously here about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun? I probably should make a post on it at some point; it's an anime that came out earlier this year that feels pretty much exactly Ouran High School Host Club filtered through an extra layer of JOKES ABOUT THE WRITING PROCESS, so naturally I love it.)

It looks like I also have a Yuletide treat as-yet unrevealed so more glory probably awaits! In the meantime: December meme, [personal profile] coyotegoth's request for the 20th, one movie I think everyone should see and why.

This is even harder than a book I think everyone should read, because IN ADDITION to finding it difficult to say 'everyone should' in general, I also don't tend to have anywhere near the same level of strong feelings about movies that I do about books. They're just too short! I experience them for a span of two hours, and then that's it and I go about my life. Unless I end up seeing a movie multiple times for whatever reason, it's rare for a film to make an enormously huge impact on me.

(I know. I'm a film archivist. I know. To be fair, these days I tend to do a lot more work with television and video.)

So ... I'm going to leave aside 'should,' because I don't really believe in the 'should, but there is one movie that I will do my own personal level best to force almost anybody who comes into contact with me to see who hasn't seen it already, 'should' or not. Original Broadway Cast Into the Woods! BECAUSE IT'S BEAUTIFUL, BIZARRE PERFECTION. I can only see this habit of mine increasing in the many days, weeks and years to come after ... whatever this movie is that came out tonight. (I am seeing it on Friday, en masse, with my family. If you happen to hear Extremely Loud Opinions About The Into the Woods Movie being shouted from somewhere to the northeast, it is probable that they came from us.)
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December meme, Day 2: [personal profile] aquamirage asked me about moments in musical theater that fuck me up every single time!

I'm pretty sure she asked me this because at the time we were watching Into the Woods and I was complaining vociferously about the fact that they cut "No More" from the upcoming film (THEY CUT "NO MORE" FROM THE UPCOMING FILM, ARGH); as you all know I have many, MANY feelings about Into the Woods, but for whatever reason "No More" is the song that, in fact, fucks me up every single time. I think it's because there's no bombast to it; it's the total resignation that gets me.

In other really obvious news that is obvious, I always think I'm cool and totally over it as I sit down to see a production of Les Mis, and then the first chords of "Look Down" strike up and NO, NO, I WAS WRONG, I'M NOT COOL, I'M NOT COOL! ALL THE FEELINGS ARE BACK. I'm pretty sure it's not even anything specific about "Look Down," it's just a Pavlovian response! Pavlovian feelings! Hello, fourteen-year-old Becca, I see you're back again!

But, OK, let's try for something slightly less obvious. "I Don't Care Much," Cabaret -- that's another one where the total resignation of it is much more effective for getting me to feel a lot of complicated things than anything else would be. (The ending of Cabaret also really shakes me up if it's done right, but it's not always done right, and I've seen it done well enough often enough that a mediocre production won't do much for me except irritate me about the fact that it isn't better.)

A short list of other songs that make me feel feelings in shows, although not always the same feelings: "Easy as Life," Aida. The "Johanna" reprise that Sweeney Todd sings in Sweeney Todd. "Les Cloches" and "Liberes" from Notre-Dame de Paris. And, of course, ever and always, "Confrontation" from Jekyll and Hyde, a moment in musical theater that I CANNOT EXPERIENCE without getting totally fucked up with hysterical laughter. NO, NEVER! YES, FOREVER.
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For December thirteenth, [personal profile] next_to_normal asked me to talk about the upcoming Into the Woods movie, which is a great topic for Friday the thirteenth because I am really terrified that this film is going to be a DISASTER.

Okay, here's the irony: I was fully prepared for Les Miserables to be a disaster. I was ready to embrace the disaster! I mean, I love Les Mis, but if it had been as bad as I mostly expected, I would have laughed the whole way through and enjoyed myself enormously, it would have been great.

But Les Mis was not a disaster. So now, in penance, I am really afraid that Into the Woods IS going to be a disaster, and if it is then I will CARE, I will care SO MUCH. And normally I could just come back and make jokes about it and that would help, but in this case, I WILL CARE TOO MUCH TO MAKE JOKES. My only recourse will be seething incoherently, and/or weeping

Reasons I think Into the Woods may well be a disaster:
- also James Corden as the Baker which [personal profile] innerbrat assures me is terrible though I have no personal experience with this to vouch for
- they're adding a new song and we all know how well that went in Les Mis
- there is no Narrator casting listed
- WHY DID THEY NOT CAST BRANDY AS CINDERELLA, I'm forever going to be bitter about this, the director actually directed the Brandy Cinderella. No excuse!
- speaking of the director: Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. I'm just saying. I'M JUST SAYING.
- I mean, that was a hilarious movie

Reasons it is possible that Into the Woods may NOT be a disaster:
- the cast has a fair number of people I like
- for example Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Christine Baranski
- (I'm pretty neutral on the casting of Meryl Streep, like, I think she will be good and all, I just think they could have done something WAY more interesting and different with the casting of the Witch)
- the Brandy Cinderella was the opposite of a disaster
- Sondheim is heavily involved? They say? I mean WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT GOES, but
- okay yes the costumes look pretty fantastic

So, I mean, we'll see. There's a chance it might be good! . . . but still I'm trying to vigilantly trample all my hopes that it will be good. The less hope I have, the less full of rage I will be when they get it wrong! (That is a lie, but I tell myself that anyway.)
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Okay, it seems it's about time: let's talk about the proposed Into the Woods movie cast as it looks to stand so far.

Johnny Depp as the Wolf: I mean, this could be fine, although it's weird to me that the Wolf and Cinderella's Prince are not going to be double-cast, because that is kind of an important layer of meaning that you lose. On the other hand, I am pretty sick of Johnny Depp, and also kind of disgusted by the whole Lone Ranger thing, so I am not feeling super-enthused.

Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhall as the Princes: Chris Pine will be an amazing parody Disney prince and I have no complaints. Jake Gyllenhaal is a bit less obvious, but sure, he'll pull it off fine. Rock out, dudes!

Emily Blunt as the Baker's Wife: I kind of into this! My favorite kind of Baker's Wife is one that exudes an air of competence, and Emily Blunt does that very well.

Meryl Streep as the Witch: HMMM. I can't tell whether I have a good reason not to be excited about this, or I'm just annoyed because my fantasy casting of Queen Latifah as the Witch is not coming true. (SHE WOULD BE SO GOOD.)

Christine Baranski as Cinderella's Stepmother: I NEVER complain about more Christine Baranski in my eyes. The entirety of Mamma Mia was worth it for Christine Baranski. (Because this is the casting I am most excited for, it is of course the only one that IMDB lists as 'rumored' rather than confirmed.)

James Corden as the Baker: All I know about James Corden is that [personal profile] innerbrat hates him with a fiery passion.

Overall thoughts:
- as described so far, this is a SUPER WHITE cast
- aside from Christine Baranski, can any of these people . . . . sing? I mean I guess that has never stopped Johnny Depp before
- Cinderella, Jack, and Little Red are all apparently still up for grabs! Fantasy casting suggestions? A part of me is secretly hoping that Brandy will play Cinderella and we can all have a collective flashback to the nineties.
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Today I pulled some very complicated procedures to get enough tickets for my whole family to see Into the Woods in the park! (Second time for me, first time for the rest of them.)

I am very tired but I wanted to note down some impressions about the stuff they did before I flee to DragonCon tomorrow, because I found some of their choices super interesting.

Spoilery if you plan on seeing the show over the remaining . . . four days of its run? Four days sounds right. )
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First of all, your regularly scheduled reminder: [ profile] fma_ladyfest signups are closing in two days! We have a multitude of awesome prompts already, and will continue to be ridiculously excited about this upcoming round until you are all sick of hearing about it and probably for a while after that. :D

Second, the last of [ profile] moonyazu9's top five requests for me: top five musicals, cut for embedded video! )

And now that I have talked at great length about my deep and true and slightly embarrassing love for musical theater, I find myself curious. I know there are some of you reading this who love musicals like I do, and there are some others who find it a completely inexplicable passion and are judging me AT THIS VERY MOMENT. Therefore: a poll! (I promise I will not judge you whatever you answer.)

Go to the LJ crosspost to vote on your feelings about MUSICALS.

If you want to talk about your favorite musical, that also would be welcomed!
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Wow, it has been over a month since I did one of these Top Five posts! At this point I'm just hoping I get all of them answered less than a year from the time I originally did the meme.

Anyway, [ profile] lacewood asked me for my Top Five Awesome Ladies, which aside from being impossible to narrow down also has to be distingished from Top Five Badass Ladies (and also Top Five Cross-Dressed Ladies, and also Top Five Villainous Ladies, etc. etc.)

Under the cut! )

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Alternate Title: Being a Presentation by Heroes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer of: Into The Graveyard: Agony: Reprise

Imagine them shaking pom-poms while they sing. )


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