Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Annual reading log post! As always, I have very good and optimistic intentions of writing up everything that doesn't have a post linked yet (I REALLY DO), but if you would like me to talk about anything feel free to leave me a comment on this post too.

Books read, 2016 )

122 books overall is more than last year and meets my ideal average of 10/month, so that is not bad at all! And only 15 rereads (plus the ENTIRETY of Skip Beat), so 107 of them were new-to-me. But only ten nonfiction books, which is not amazing, and I definitely wanted to read more new-to-me manga and graphic novels than the amount I actually did, which was ... zero. Next year!
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For my first post about television in 2017, I want to grab all of you by the collar and tell you at great length about Age of Youth, now on Netflix as Hello My Twenties.

Age of Youth is about five college roommates, almost all of whom are haunted by a DARK SECRET of some sort or another -- murder! ghosts! crushing debt! loan sharks! stalkers! even more murder! -- and yes, all of these are problems, but you can't worry about them all the time when you're also sharing a house with four other people, and the trash always needs taking out, and someone is ALWAYS borrowing your stuff without asking, or looking out the window and whistling obnoxiously when you're trying to have a romantic moment, and also there is ONLY ONE BATHROOM.

Although there are a couple of love interests floating around here and there, the primary focus of the show is emphatically on the relationships between the girls; there's maybe one reverse Bechdel pass in all twelve episodes. And let me tell you, every time we got a fakeout where it looked like a girl was about to call on a love interest for help and instead the roommates came charging to the rescue, MY HEART GREW THREE SIZES.

Also, the general lack of tolerance the show has for male angst is ... kind of amazing.

Cut for more on the girls and further picspam )

Anyway, as aforementioned, I highly recommend this drama -- though please ask me if you want trigger warnings, as trigger warnings may be needed.


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