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Title: The Host Club's Refreshing Interdimensional Tour!
Characters: The entire host club, plus assorted special guests
Word Count: 3351
Summary: Does what it says on the label, guys. In other news, this is quite possibly the silliest thing I have ever written.

Nobody will own up to having made the terrible decision to show Tamaki a science-fiction film, which is probably wise, since, whoever that person was, Kyouya seems quite likely to have them quietly assassinated as soon as their identity is revealed. )
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TODAY IS THE MOST MAGICAL DAY. My wishes are coming true as soon as they are spoken!

Yesterday I said that I wished for the world to give me Kyouya/Azula,and lo and behold, I came in this morning to find that [ profile] ivy_chan had delivered unto my LJ the beginning of a fic with the promise of more! Azula might murder people at Hogwarts! I AM EXCITE.

Then today I mentioned that I would quite like a Pride and Prejudice revolutionary AU! AND LIKE MAGIC, [ profile] nextian descended with A PERFECT GEM of a fic, Pride and Prejudice and Napoleonic Occupation, which EVERYONE SHOULD GO READ IMMEDIATELY.

("Perhaps you assume that one of the servants has found your hiding place," she said, sharply. "I am happy to tell you that it is instead the purveyor of your information and the smuggler of your weaponry. You may now be pleased or displeased as you choose." SO MANY STARS IN MY EYES. A MILLION STARS.)

I don't know where this magic power came from (maybe from having an awesome flist?) but I am NOT COMPLAINING. I do not even need a pony now. (Also I could not feed or stable it, so, universe, I'm serious, you don't need to send me one. A plastic rocket would be okay.)
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[ profile] lacewood asked me for my Top Five OTPs! As with everything else, this is a difficult question to narrow down and will leave out many many things I love, but I WILL DO MY BEST, etc. etc.

Top Five OTPs )

Oh my god, that was the longest I have ever talked about shipping ever. EVER. Distract me from how embarrassed I feel by telling me why you love the relationships you love the most!
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[ profile] ojuzu asked me to list my top five shoujo manga.

Which, as with the top five Magical Girls question, is difficult because - while I've seen a fair amount of shoujo anime - I don't think I've actually read five shoujo series. You guys keep exposing my ignorance! I have been reading and loving lots more manga this year, but most of it has been shonen (FMA, Pumpkin Scissors), seinen (everything Urasawa and, weirdly, Emma and Yotsuba&!, both of which I thought might be shoujo but apparently not) or josei (Gokusen, apparently, which I would have thought was shonen or seinen. SHOWS WHAT I KNOW).

So you guys are going to get my top three shoujo series, which are also my only three shoujo series (discounting After School Nightmare, which I can't really judge yet on the basis of one volume).

Below the cut! )

SO, you know what is coming next: guys, rec me shoujo manga!

You probably have a pretty good idea of my tastes already, but for the record, some things I like: cross-dressing and more general gender-role subversion, awesome ladies who are recognized as awesome, cracktastic plots, general hilarity! Some things I do not like: jerktastic alpha male heroes, endless pointless love triangles, everyone dying in the end from cancer. (If everyone dies from a rain of flying angel fetuses I'm probably okay with that.)
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I don't know if I have anything much to say about volume 10 of 20th Century Boys except that I continue to love this series with a great and fiery passion. *____* It is kind of hard to believe that I'm less than halfway through the series; everything is already so epic! I love everybody, but Koizumi Kyoko is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters of all time. Spoiler! )

In other news, it's been long enough since I rewatched Ouran High School Host Club that I can now actually read the manga without feeling like I'm going back over material I just saw. I'm now through volume 3, which means I've covered the intro, the Christmas party, Renge's introduction, the physical exams, Hikaru and Kaoru's fight, the pool, the beach, the Zuka Club's introduction, and a Halloween episode that I don't think was in the anime, and am in the middle of the club's visit to Haruhi's house.

A few miscellaneous notes:
- Tamaki comes across much more as a traditional high school jerkass playboy in the first chapter; it's a lot of fun seeing the character rapidly be reconceived as the overenthusiastic walking golden retriever that we all know and love.
- every time Mori has a line of dialogue, I laugh. Because it's SO RARE.
- Bisco Hatori clearly really, really enjoys herself drawing the characters in ridiculously overelaborate outfits. And who am I to complain?
- the translation is a bit odd sometimes, especially in the first volume - the weirdest is probably the decision to translate Haruhi's joke that she'll refer to herself as 'ore' (super-masculine pronoun) as "maybe I'll start calling myself *@#$*#*" without further explanation, giving the impression that she's about to start referring to herself as "shithead."
- in the cross-dressing episode of the show, Mori is the only one who doesn't crossdress; in the manga chapter, the twins and Honey are the only ones who do. I wonder if this is because Tamaki and Kyouya are being set up more as romantic leads? (I'm connecting this in my head to Disney's Mulan, in which Shang is also the only male character who doesn't cross-dress.)
- I kind of love the cheerfully casual treatment of Haruhi's dad's bisexuality so far
- the youngest member of the Zuka Club's last name is Tsuwabuki. Between this and the Ohtori family, there more than ever needs to be an Ouran/Utena crossover. The path before us has been prepared!
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I am back from a fabulous and productive weekend! Despite dire predictions - okay, mostly mine - we have all survived. (Look, I had reason to be worried, okay? LOOK AT THIS EVIDENCE )

I still say it's a miracle we made it; also that I would do it again in a heartbeat.)

In other news: all of a sudden Revolutionary Girl Utena is a thing that is all over my flist again! This pleases me, and therefore, instead of catching up on booklogging as I should, I have instead decided to present you with:

The Top Ten Revolutionary Girl Utena Crossovers That Don't Exist But Should (Unless They Do Exist And Nobody Linked Me To Them, In Which Case, Fail, World!)

10. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Harry Potter: Because I firmly believe that Dumbledore and Akio had a passionate affair back in the '50s and have been exchanging letters ever since about the challenges of running a school that is 95% focused on the character development of a special chosen one, and the aggravating necessity of having 'other students.'

9. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Jonathan is a prime candidate for the special Ohtori exchange program! (And Faith is a prime candidate for pulling Buffy's heartsword. if you know what I mean.)

8. Revolutionary Girl Utena/High School Musical/Glee: Speaking of special exchange programs . . . the only thing that Utena is missing is a musical episode. (Alternately, imagine one of the duel songs as performed by a cheery Disney chorus. AMMONITE!)

7. Revolutionary Girl Utena/The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: The funniest part would be that, due to the rules of the metanarrative, Haruhi would never figure out that there was anything at all out of the ordinary about this school, even while Yuki and Anthy were fighting an epic emotionless laser-glasses battle in the background.

6. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Baccano!: Basically I just think that Isaac and Miria need to cameo in everything ever. They're dangerous duellists! Yeah! Dangerous!

5. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Ugly Betty: You know you want to see Akio trying to seduce Daniel too. - okay, maybe you don't actually want to see it. But you want to see Betty's face when she finds out! ("DANIEL," she says, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE THAT'S BEEN.")

4. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Ouran High School Host Club: Because Tamaki and Touga's Prince Character-Off would be a thing of greater beauty than words can really express, and so would Nanami and Renge's Evil Laugh-Off.

3. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Leverage: After a phone call from a distraught Kanae about her cheating power-abusing fiance, Nate smirks, adjusts his sunglasses, and says, "Let's go steal a duel." LITTLE DOES HE KNOW.

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena/Princess Tutu: Mytho and Dios ARE THE SAME PERSON. I don't think I need to say more.

1. Revolutionary Girl Utena/What Not To Wear: Someone. Please. COME SAVE THESE POOR CHILDREN FROM THEMSELVES.

Feel free to suggest more! OR TO LINK ME if any of these actually exist. :D
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So last week I went with my roommate to see Vicky Christina Barcelona. The narration introduces Vicky and Christina by explaining that they are best friends, see the world the same way, and have identical tastes in everything except romance. This is the one and only time the idea that these two best friends, who have identical tastes and interests and have chosen to spend a summer together, might have a conversation about anything other than romance is even obliquely referenced in the film. And it is not a conversation, it is narration.

I wish that I came out of the movie more surprised by this.

More cheerfully: [ profile] shoroko tagged me for the top seven character 'ships meme! I am not a hugely 'shippy person and my 'top' anything tends to vary wildly depending on the day, the hour, and what color top I happen to be wearing, but I will give a shot at providing At Least Some 'Ships I Like. The rules of the meme are:

1. List your top seven character ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your main fixation.
3. Name the movie/show/book that they're in.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people.

I reserve the right to ignore these, most especially 2. and 5. I also occasionally reserve the right to make stuff up. )
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On an entirely different note: I have finally finished all the fics from the prompts I requested from you guys like two months ago. Slow and steady? Um. ANYWAYS. For completeness' sake, and for anyone who may have missed theirs, I am going to link them all here! If some of them are insane, that is because you guys ASKED FOR INSANE THINGS.

Looking at length, possibly I should put this under a cut. )

So, uh. That does not look like ridiculous amounts of fic for two months for you productive types, probably, but it feels like a lot to me!
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It seems I am unable to go icon-making without going overboard.

Ouran Gang folks?


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